Inventor Is Repairing The Road To Success

Parkite Rich Giles just wanted to help homeowner associations save money on road repair. Instead, he created a machine that does what he had hoped for and much more.

Known as the HeatWurx, his machine not only lowers the cost but it is also eco-friendly and durable, reports Park Record.

Essentially what Giles invented was a machine to break down the material, heat it up, add more oil, and lay it back down. He named it HeatWurx. It comes in two sizes for different-sized jobs. The small version can be loaded onto a truck and used on city roads or in parking lots. The large version is about the size of a truck and can fix interstate highways.

Regardless of the size of the job, HeatWurx does the job better and for less money, Giles said.

Traditional road crews heat the binding fluid with propane which requires a flame. Since the oil is flammable, the process is inefficient, he said. HeatWurx uses electric coils to heat the asphalt.

Whereas most potholes are “filled,” HeatWurx can use the loose or cracked material already on the ground and recycle it. This reduces transportation costs for road crews.

The patches created by HeatWurx are not only less expensive to create, but last longer than traditional patches, he said.

A promotional video is after the jump.

Photo from HeatWurx

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