One of the exciting things about running this blog is the number of interesting ideas I come across. One such great idea I just discovered is globe riding.

One such company that offers a franchise business is ZORB.

ZORB globe riding (generically known as globe riding) is the experience of rolling down a hill in a large inflatable globe at a dedicated ZORB site. We place you inside one of our original ZORB globes and roll you down our hill, wet or dry (which ever tickles your fancy!). We have two types of ZORB globes available – the harness, or ZORBIT (dry) variety; and the non-harness, or ZYDRO (wet) variety. What’s more, you can choose to roll down a one of our track varitations for a completely unique experience.

ZORB-like rideable balls are also available directly from China called Asia Inflatables for $350 each.