140+ Content Marketing Ideas for Franchises

140+ Content Marketing Ideas for Franchises

Content marketing allows you to avoid the clutter of banner ads, lead generation sites and email blast advertising with a smart content marketing strategy that generates a totally different stream of quality franchise leads.

Here are more than 140 ideas for promoting your franchise with content marketing. If you need help with this, contact us. We can help.

Be Your Own Boss by Becoming a Franchise Owner

51 Content Marketing Ideas for Every Franchise

  • Before & After Photos of Clients
  • Before & After Photos of Your Work
  • Behind the Scenes at Your Biz
  • Blogs Worth Reading
  • Books Worth Reading
  • Client Gift Ideas
  • Client Logos
  • Collaborative Boards
  • Contests
  • Customers Using Your Products
  • Daily Specials
  • Entrepreneurs Worth Following
  • Events you are Speaking At
  • Events you Attend
  • How To’s
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Links to Your Social Media Profiles
  • Local Events Worth Attending
  • Local Places you Recommend
  • Magazines Worth Reading
  • People/Influencers That Inspire You
  • Photos of Your Employees
  • Press Mentions
  • Products you Recommend
  • Relevant Case Studies
  • Relevant Events in Your Industry
  • Relevant Infographics
  • Relevant Lists (“Top 10”)
  • Relevant Videos
  • Tasteful Humor
  • Testimonials from Customers
  • Things That Inspire Your Customers
  • Trade Shows That you Attend
  • Travel Spots Your Clients Love
  • Trends in Your Industry
  • What Inspires You
  • YouTube Channels Worth Following
  • Your Affiliates
  • Your Blog Posts
  • Your Customers’ Lifestyle
  • Your Employees’ Favorite Things
  • Your Guest Blog Posts
  • Your Marketing Partners
  • Your Media Appearances
  • Your own Products or Services
  • Your Podcasts
  • Your Portfolio
  • Your Retailers
  • Your Suppliers/Vendors
  • Your Videos
  • Your Work in Progress

Launching your dream business? Here are some tips

15 Content Marketing Ideas for Franchises in the Marketing/Small Biz Industry

  • Best Websites in Your Industry
  • Business Card Ideas
  • Events for Entrepreneurs
  • Facts and Data from Your Industry
  • How-to’s and Training Videos
  • Logo/Design Ideas
  • Marketing and Small Business Tips
  • Products you Love and Recommend
  • Relevant Marketing Campaigns
  • Relevant Webinars
  • Social Media Tips and Strategies
  • Thumbnails of Your Reports, Case Studies, PDF’S
  • Trade Show Booth Ideas
  • Your Favorite Online Resources for Entrepreneurs
  • Your own Products or Services

15 Content Marketing Ideas for Franchises in the Baby/Kids Industry

  • Celebrity Kids’ Style
  • Cool Products for Kids
  • Craft Ideas for Kids
  • DIY Projects for Kids
  • Eco-friendly Kids
  • Gifts for Kids
  • Great Vacation Spots for Kids
  • Kid-friendly Websites
  • Kids Fashion Trends
  • Kids Food Recipes
  • Kids Room Decor Ideas
  • Kids’ Books Worth Reading
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Pregnancy Tips
  • Tips and Tricks for Parents

7 Things That Could Stop You from Starting a Business

15 Content Marketing Ideas for Franchises in the Fashion industry

  • Best Fashion Magazines
  • Best Fashion Websites/Blogs
  • Best Hairstyles
  • Best Shopping Destinations
  • Brands you Love
  • Celebrity Style
  • Celebrity Stylists
  • Color Inspiration
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Fashion Trends – Past, Present & Future
  • Makeup and Beauty How-To’s
  • Outfit Ideas/Inspiration
  • Top Bloggers to Follow
  • Your Customers’ Favorites
  • Your Upcoming Line/Products

15 Content Marketing Ideas for Franchises in the Food Industry

  • Best Food Shows
  • Favorite Recipes (Breakfasts, Vegan, Desserts)
  • Food Magazines
  • Foods/Brands That you Recommend
  • Gifts for the Cook
  • Great Cookbooks
  • Great Kitchen Gadgets
  • Great Vacation Destinations for Foodies
  • Great Wines
  • Inspiring Kitchens
  • Kitchen How-To’s
  • Local Farmers’ Markets
  • Online Websites to buy Ingredients
  • Party Ideas
  • Top Restaurants

A few Profitable Businesses You’ve Never Thought Of

15 Content Marketing Ideas for Franchises in the Health/Fitness Industry

  • Before and After Photos of Clients
  • Best Fitness Gadgets
  • Best Fitness Products
  • Celebrity Fitness
  • Fitness and Workout Tips
  • Fitness Apps
  • Fitness Websites Worth Checking Out
  • Healthy Lifestyle Tips
  • Healthy Recipes
  • How-to Videos (Cooking, Shopping, Fitness, Etc.)
  • Inspiring Athletes
  • Inspiring Fitness Destinations
  • Shopping Tips
  • Workout Clothes
  • Workout Videos

15 Content Marketing Ideas for Franchises in the Travel Industry

  • Best Beaches
  • Best Restaurants Around the World
  • Best Travel Products
  • Best Travel Websites
  • Cool Hotels
  • Family Vacation Ideas
  • Images from Inspiring Destinations
  • Luggage for Every Traveler
  • Romantic Vacations
  • Tips for Traveling With Children
  • Top Local Destinations
  • Travel in Style
  • Travel Magazines
  • Travel Quotes
  • Your Favorite Places

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