10 Low-Cost Home-Based Business Opportunities

Contrary to what you might think, there are a tremendous amount of home-based business opportunities that you can get involved in that require a relatively minimal up front investment. With due diligence and perseverance, you can build these smaller businesses into larger ones, and maybe you’ll eventually be able to roll the capital that you’ve accumulated into a much larger and sexier business opportunity.

There’s a popular conception that in order to go into business for yourself, you’ve got to have a bundle of cash ready up front. Certainly, there’s some truth to that. Many businesses do indeed require a substantial amount of capital to get off the ground, and this fact often deters people with the entrepreneurial spirit from ever getting to the point where they can become their own bosses. But don’t let that popular conception cloud your judgment.


So, if you’ve been looking to get started being your own boss, then why not take a minute to look over these low-cost, low-overhead business opportunities. One of them might be just the thing that you’ve been looking for to get out of that job you hate and into your seat as your own boss.

1. Writing and Editing: There’s no shortage of disillusioned literature majors in this world, but what many of these disillusioned might not know is that there’s a fertile market for the freelance services of skilled writers and editors. Time and effort is all that’s required to turn those skills into a sustainable business.

2. Accounting: While licensing and certification is almost definitely a must in this field, with the right classes you can get started as an accountant. If you’re someone with a lot of business contacts already, you might find that taking the time to get trained could provide you with a lucrative business.

3. Event Planning: Do you have a gift for logistics and managing subcontractors? If so, then you’re skills could become quite valuable as an event planner. In order to get started with this kind of opportunity, you should start small and work your way up. Develop your reputation first and chase the big paydays later.


4. Graphic Design: If you have a talent for typography and illustration, then you have a talent that is in higher demand every day. In order to create a business opportunity for yourself as a graphic designer, try offering your services to businesses at a reduced rate to get yourself out there. Word of mouth (and a portfolio) will go a long way toward increasing your earning potential.

5. Moving Services: With a truck, care, muscles and some sweat, you can begin offering your services as a professional mover. Depending upon the region that you’ll be operating in, some licenses and certification may be required. But, if you manage to get those and a few initial clients, word of mouth should help propel your business. With enough success, you might be employing others in short order.

6. Music Lessons: Don’t let your musical talents go to waste if you’ve got something to give. There’s never a shortage of people who want to learn how to play an instrument, and with some marketing and sales know-how, you could easily set up a tidy business for yourself offering your services as a musical instructor to others.

7. App Development: If you know anything about computer programming this is a no brainer. App development can be an incredibly lucrative field, and your success within it is only limited by the time you’re willing to devote and your imagination. Of course, you’ll want to have a nest egg or auxiliary employment before you start allotting large swaths of time to creating the next killer app.


8. Cleaning: People hate cleaning up after themselves, and most people would rather have someone else do the cleaning for them. If you know how to float a broom and dust a windowsill, then you can get started operating your own professional cleaning business. You’ll have to work to make a few clients, but after you do, your long-term success will depend upon your reputation.

9. Vending Machines: You see them everywhere, but who’s operating those things? The truth is that you could be. A vending machine requires a relatively inexpensive upfront investment, but it can be an incredible source of passive income, especially when you use the proceeds from one to buy more. Start small and grow. With enough time, you could have a vending machine empire.

10. Tutoring: As with music lessons, people are in need of education services wherever you go. While you’ve been building your career, maybe you’ve forgotten about the wealth of knowledge you accumulated while studying at a college or university. You don’t have to keep all of that knowledge to yourself if you don’t want to. Try offering your services as a tutor in a subject you’re comfortable with, and see if you can pick up a few clients.