You started a home-based business, and that’s a great thing. Good for you. But as you’ve gotten some wind behind your sails and as you’ve begun to enjoy a good deal of success, you’ve begun to wonder how it is that you can grow your business into something more.


Taking a business to a next level – no matter if it’s a home-based business or a startup tech company – is a difficult process. Eventually, we all reach the limit of what is we think we can do, and our success plateaus. In order to get over the hump, you’ve got to change things up.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share some useful tips for taking your home-based business and pushing it to the next level.

Narrow Your Focus

We’re willing to bet that when you got started, you’d take on any client or customer that came your way. In order to accommodate this new business, you probably tried to push your offerings beyond what you’d initially planned for. As a means of starting out, that’s tremendous. However, as a means of ensuring long-term success, it’s much less.


Once you’ve gotten off the ground, you should narrow your focus. What is the product or service you offer that’s best? What is it that you’re most adept at doing? Cut out the things that you’re not doing well enough, and devote your energy to marketing and selling the things that you know you do well. Sometimes, you have to contract before you can expand.

Add Complementary Services and Products

Once you’ve hammered out the core of your home-based business and grown your skills at marketing and selling that core, you can begin to expand your offerings. Here, you’ll want to start with things that complement that product or service. These provide a means of adding value for your customers or clients, and they provide you with a tremendous avenue for greater profit, as you’ll be earning more money off of things that are already a part of your core competency.

Consider Hiring Freelancers

You’ve been going it alone for a long time, haven’t you? You may find it’s difficult to cede control. But it’s something that you’re eventually going to have to do. There are, after all, so many hours in a day, and only so much work one person can do in those hours. Before you go hiring staff, though, remember that you can always hire freelancers. Doing so is far easier, and it allows you to scale the size of your support staff to suit your immediate needs.

Don’t Move Too Quickly

Taking a home-based business and making it something greater takes time and sustained effort – just the same as it took you time and effort to get your business to this level. So, don’t rush yourself simply because you’ve already found some modicum of success. As they say, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. The greater care you take in the intermediate steps, the more success you can expect to enjoy in the long run.