The Best Possible Ways to Search for Guest Posting Opportunities

The Best Possible Ways to Search for Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest posting is arguably one of the best possible ways of building links and driving more traffic to your website. However, while you might be eager to jump at any opportunity to guest post on other blogs, you need to take care, as posting on poor websites could harm your blog. Therefore, take some time to identify your best guest posting opportunities.

Explore these channels to unlock the best guest posting opportunities.




Ask for Guest Posting Opportunities on Social Media

Ask on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn about guest posting opportunities among your followers. Begin by engaging in conversations with friends who are connected to reputable blog owners.

Popular bloggers get tons of messages every day, but if you approach them by way of a Facebook or Twitter message you might be more likely to hear back from them. You might want to learn more about this by clicking

In addition, you can search on social media for guest posting opportunities with blog owners you’re not directly connected with, too. Twitter, for instance, has a search feature that can help you to find well established blogs, since many bloggers normally post links to their latest blog posts.

Ideally, you should search for blogs with contents that are related to your niche. Use search terms such as “guest post,” “writers needed” and “blog for us” for best results.


Make Use of Search Engines

You can actually Google guest posting opportunities. However, you’ll get so many search results that filtering them and extracting the best opportunities for your niche could take some time.

For best results on search engines such as Google and Bing, use search terms such as “<your niche> and guest blog” or “<your niche> + guest posting.”

When you use search engines to search for guest blogging opportunities, you won’t be able to see the history of how individual blog owners accept guest bloggers. Therefore, you will need to bring your best game or strategy when you initiate contacts with blog owners you find this way.

For example, it would be best to begin your approach by being proactive in their comment sessions for awhile. Generate some interactions with them on their social media pages, and make sure your comments on their posts are genuinely helpful and add to the conversation. You don’t want to appear opportunistic, after all. Remember that you’re part of a community, and you’ll have better results in the long run.



Make Use of Guest Posting Communities

Take advantage of communities or forums that are expressly designed for guest bloggers. These sites can offer you a good opportunity to kick-start your guest-posting activities.

However, there’s a downside. You might not find the blogs with the largest followings on these sites. Also, you might not even find blogs that best relate to your niche on these communities. Then, too,  some of these sites have been associated with major spamming activities in the past. Guest bloggers who use them risk a penalty from Google.

If you still think you’d like to give this method a try go to MyBlogGuest or BlogSynergy to get started.


Your Persistence Will Lead You to Success

You’ll find that when you begin interacting on forums in your niche or industry, you’ll begin meeting other bloggers and blog masters. Through them, you will meet lesser known bloggers who are also looking for guest blogging opportunities. One thing will lead to another that will lead to another. Keep following the trail, and you’ll find the opportunities you’re looking for.

Don’t panic if you can’t find a guest posting opportunity right away. Take things slowly. When opportunities do come your way, make sure each guest post you offer up is of the highest quality you can possibly write.

And remember that you don’t need to open multiple accounts on all kinds of different forums and communities. Rather, stick with your niche and strive to stand out there.