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4 Tips on Creating Solid Brand Awareness in Canada

4 Tips on Creating Solid Brand Awareness in Canada

Are you looking to start up a business, but have no idea how to go about creating the brand awareness to actually promote it? Brand awareness is important because it’s often the first step in building advertising objectives, so those who have no brand awareness are likely to find themselves with minimal leads and little customer engagement.


1. Promotional Products

The use of physical objects—key chains, shirts, pens, etc.—continues to be one the most effective ways to create and spread brand awareness. Everyone likes free stuff, and to that end there are promotional product experts in Canada, like The Next Trend Designs Inc. They will work with your company to figure out how best to create a brand awareness campaign, so that your company’s logo reaches the hands of average Canadians. When people wear a shirt or write with a pen that has your company’s logo on it in public, you’ll get free advertising.


2. Social Media

Second on our list of tips for promoting brand awareness in Canada is the use of social media. When it comes to social media, you have two options for promoting brand awareness. You can go for free promotion by gaining followers. And you can choose to use paid advertising that reaches a specific target audience. With the former method you’ll have to invest a bit of time. However, in the long run you’ll have a group of people who are interested in your brand that you can market to. They will also spread news for you via shares.

If you’re willing to spend money then paid advertisement is a good way to obtain leads online. Many have turned to popular social media advertising tools such as Facebook ads to target specific groups of people. With Facebook’s 2 billion active users per month, it is very likely that your brand will be visible.




3. Blogging

By focusing on creating a content-rich blog, your brand is sure to reach more customers. The benefits will lead to your site having higher rankings on Google when people look for specific terms. Having a website on the front page of any search engine makes your brand really stand out among others online.


4. YouTube

Last on our list of tips for promoting brand awareness in Canada is video content creation. YouTube is the platform of choice for many business owners when it comes to promoting their businesses online. The best part about turning to video creation for brand awareness is that all it takes is for one video to catch on. If one of your videos happens to go viral, millions of people could be talking about your brand.




And that concludes our four tips for building solid brand awareness in Canada. Brand awareness is important. Not only does it let customers find out about you in the first place, it also keeps them coming back. Make use of the tips mentioned above. When you do, your customers’ brand loyalty is sure to grow, and your brand will flourish in the marketplace.