7 Reasons You Should Assign Your Cross-Country Move to Professionals

7 Reasons You Should Assign Your Cross-Country Move to Professionals

It’s not very often that a small business decides to make a cross-country move. When that happens, though, it’s a very big deal. If you’re thinking about a cross-country move for your small business, consider the following before you make your final decision.

Most people move at least eleven times during their lives. Most of these relocations are job-related, while others are to be closer (or further away from) family, shorten an employment commute, or simply to have a change of scenery and experience something new.

Small, in-town jobs, such as transporting a few estate sale furniture items or moving a college student into a nearby university’s dorm room, are tailor made for U-Haul and other truck rentals. But anything larger than that usually requires a team of interstate movers. Professional movers are an investment, but it is usually one of the best investments you’ll ever make.




1. Avoid Injury

Most moves involve heavy or bulky items, such as sofas or beds. Furniture like this is really not safe to move with one or two people, especially considering that each move involves two trips (one out to the truck and the other into the new house or apartment).

Overexertion injuries can be quite serious, and if you do not know exactly what you are doing, it is very easy to use the wrong technique.


2. Preserve Relationships

No matter what they say, your friends and family do not like moving and do not want to help you. A long day of moving, regardless of the promised benefit, can strain even the closest relationships.

Besides, how many times have your friends promised to be at a certain place at a certain time and did not appear? For that matter, how many times have you promised to be somewhere and not shown up, for whatever reason? Reliable movers eliminate the risk of the nightmarish no-help move.


3. Save Time

Moving day is full of non-moving activities. There are utilities to set up, neighbors to meet, and plans to make. Partnering with a moving company ensures that you have plenty of time for these and other endeavors. Plus, the self-move almost always takes longer than anticipated, and by the end, everyone is completely exhausted.


4. The Right Equipment

Truck rental involves a lot of guesswork, as it is very easy to rent a truck that’s either too small or too large. That either means an extra trip or money wasted. Moreover, rented trucks do not come with hand tools and other necessary items.

A professional mover solves both these problems. Because the movers usually pre-size your load, they know what kind of truck is best. Furthermore, because they are experienced, they have all the little tools needed to make your move run a bit smoother.


5. Liability

If you or your friends lose or damage an item, the replacement cost comes out of your pocket. But on the off chance that professional movers lose or damage an item, they are usually insured against that loss. Most companies offer various insurance levels, so you can choose the one that best suits the nature of the valuables in the truck.



6. Safety

Navigating a large, fully loaded moving truck through unfamiliar territory, especially if it is dark or the weather is at all uncooperative, is a recipe for disaster. Furthermore, even if you have insurance on the truck, it often does not cover your own injuries.


7. Less Money

When considering all these factors, plus the cost of fuel, compensating moving help, and other expenses, hiring professional movers nearly always either saves money or at least comes out even. Professional movers also give you peace of mind, which is a priceless commodity.

For various reasons, the do-it-yourself move is usually a mistake that you’ll regret, so for your next relocation, work with a professional.