These days, businesses serious about maximizing their marketing potential are active on social media. Posting on giants like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, they give consumers a behind-the-scenes view of their favorite brands. This increases feelings of connection between content providers and followers.

Of these major platforms, Instagram is the one that’s surging at the moment. That’s because it allows brands to easily share content and advertise to larger, ever-changing audiences.

With the growing presence of the Internet in our lives, the demand for fresh and entertaining content is always on the rise. Businesses attempting to overcome their competitors are constantly encountering growing pressures to win over larger audiences and consistently produce intriguing content.

These increased pressures call for more specialized tools. This is especially true for Instagram, which is a key platform for marketers looking to the future. Here are eight resources designed to help you get Instagram followers and strengthen your Instagram marketing.



1. Grow Your Instagram Organically with SocialDrift

SocialDrift is the perfect tool to quickly and organically increase the number of Instagram followers. Therefore, don’t fall prey to an Instagram-followers scheme. Instead, use the machine-learning algorithms offered by SocialDrift. You will then naturally engage with prospective followers through automation.

SocialDrift comments on, likes, and follows target accounts. This engagement will encourage account owners to follow your account in return. Consequently, the platform is so effective that it is used by companies like Sprint and McDonald’s with great success.

2. Owlmetrics Provides Instagram Analytics

The most effective way to increase Instagram performance is by improving follower engagement. To that end, Owlmetrics provides users with the data they need to determine what type of content will perform well with a specific audience.

It takes over 30 metrics into account. These include key data points like follower growth, engagement, hashtag activity, competitor accounts, performance on Instagram Stories and click-through traffic. In addition, the platform allows marketers to track performance in real time. In this way, they can determine if their strategy is effective.

3. Do Content and User Research with Picodash

Instagram offers a decent tool for finding users and photos. However, that’s the limit of its search engine.

On the other hand, with Picodash, the Instagram search bar is completely overhauled replaced with more advanced features. The app allows users to search for accounts and posts by specific criteria. For instance, you can search for location, time of posting and, of course, hashtags.

With Picodash, businesses can gather helpful data about their followers. They can also find shareable content and information easily. In addition, the app allows management and organization of followers across multiple accounts. As a result, Instagram is a much more powerful advertising platform.

4. Schedule your Instagram Posts with HopperHQ

With all the new considerations marketing teams need to keep in mind, even everyday tasks like posting pictures can seem time-consuming. However, HopperHQ simplifies the Instagram experience. That’s because it frees up precious time by allowing users to schedule predetermined times for their posts to go live.

The app supports scheduling on multiple accounts. Therefore, whole marketing teams can coordinate on a few accounts relevant to their brand. HopperHQ also offers image editing, uploading videos, saving posts for later and many other helpful features. With HopperHQ, businesses don’t have to think about when content is posted. Instead, the marketing team can spend more time brainstorming their next big ideas.

5. Curate User-Generated Content with Yotpo

User-generated content is everywhere on the internet. It takes the form of reviews, questions, photos, videos, testimonials and more. With so much content out there, it’s a shame that brands don’t have a convenient way to incorporate their followers and their content into their marketing. With Yotpo, this is no longer a problem.

The app gathers all kinds of user-generated content. This allows businesses to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, Yotpo connects brands with users. In this way, they may discuss incorporating user content into their own marketing strategies. Businesses using Yotpo can even use the Shop Now feature on Instagram. This allows them to directly link followers to their products. Yotpo simplifies social media marketing by allowing brands to generate advertising from anywhere.

6. Take and Edit Photos with VSCO

Anyone familiar with Instagram knows that its primary language is through photos. Therefore, businesses and individuals who can create visually stunning content gain more influence on the social platform. This is where apps like VSCO come in.

Offering many more resources than Instagram’s native image editor, the app allows ordinary users to make their content more visually appealing through a number of detailed editing tools. VSCO also houses a community where users can publish their most impressive snapshots. For businesses serious about their brand marketability, VSCO is the perfect resource to boost their content’s shareability.

7. Should You Try Instazood?

There are also tools known as bots, such as Instazood. Instazood will automate your Instagram likes, your followers, and your direct messages. It will even track comments. However, the tool has received mixed reviews from users. You may or may not find it helpful as a growth hacking tool.

8. Create Engaging Videos with Boomerang

Although Instagram has traditionally been known as a picture hub, in recent years it has also delved into the world of video. For most marketing teams, engaging photos are much easier to produce than intriguing videos. That’s where Boomerang comes in.

Boomerang allows users to create lighthearted looping videos. These can easily be posted to Instagram and shared with friends. The app’s simple approach to making video creates surprisingly captivating clips. Businesses using Boomerang can produce engaging content without overthinking the process.