Image Credit: Oskari Kettunen on Flickr

Many people have used feng shui techniques to improve the flow of positive energy in their homes. However, it might never have occurred to many to take the same healthful feng shui practices into the workplace.

Many business owners are now realizing that when their employees are happy in their working environment, productivity improves. What’s more, everyone’s well-being improves as well.

Business owners are becoming more aware that using positive feng shui practices within their business can help to improve success and prosperity. Encouraging a good flow of energy throughout their business premises, from the doorway inward, can boost the atmosphere. This can help to create an engaging environment and encourage a high level of harmony and cooperation among the staff.

Depending on the size of your company and the space that you work within, business feng shui makeovers can take as little as a day for a small or medium-sized business. Larger businesses with more complex premises layouts can take longer. A large company might need repeat visits to complete a transformation.




What Can You Expect from Your Feng Shui Consultation?

With a Soul Space feng shui consultation, a trained consultant will come to your place of business and get a feel for the environment and the position of your premises. Additionally, they will get a sense of how the energy flows around your building. They will look for any obvious energy blocks or obstructions and find ways to either remove or overcome the blocking effect.


Natural Light from Windows

Having natural light in the workplace is always good for the health of the office environment. Your feng shui consultant will check the position of the windows. They will take note of the views and the levels of natural light available.

Harsh lighting in the office isn’t good for anyone’s health. Therefore, your consultant will look at making the best use of natural sources of light from windows. Further, your feng shui consultant will recommend task lighting in areas that need it.

Within feng shui principles, you should always make the best use of windows and pleasant views. These can help uplift energy levels and improve concentration. Balanced and naturally lit views are beneficial for health. What’s more, clearing obstructions from windows and bringing pleasant views into the workplace can work wonders with your staff’s energy levels.




After mapping out each room in your business premises, your feng shui consultant will work out the best areas to place desks, printers, monitors, copiers and other  pieces of working equipment. They will position furniture to create a harmonious layout. This will boost energy flows and encourage business success and prosperity.



Improve the energy flow in your business premises by incorporating feng shui principles in your office layout and design, and watch productivity soar and your prosperity rise.