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How to Pamper Clients When They’re Visiting Your Business Office

Photo by nappy from Pexels

First impressions can make or break a business. To that end, you should pamper clients when they visit your business office.

Keep in mind that what clients see first as they walk through the doors of your business could mean that they choose to trust your business and invest money with you. Or it could motivate them to look elsewhere. Managers and business owners must remember that how their employees communicate with and treat clients is critically important. Following are seven ways to pamper clients when they’re visiting your business office.




1. Train Employees to Pamper Clients

Managers and supervisors must train all employees to provide personalized customer service, whatever the employee’s role. For example, if a customer looks lost, perhaps it is their first visit to the office. It doesn’t take much for any employee to stand up and approach that client with a smile, some eye contact, and a hello. This will immediately make the client feel more at ease.

Most of your employees won’t need to know every client by name. However, simply treating all clients with respect and a smile can go a long way. Most importantly, employees simply need to be approachable and offer to answer clients’ questions.


2. Personalize the Client Experience

Regardless of whether it’s their first time in your business office, all clients want to be shown respect and feel comfortable about your company. After all, they’re deciding whether to spend their money with you. Therefore, employees who have direct relationships with certain clients should dig a little deeper and pamper clients with personalized service.

For example, if you know what tea or biscuits your client prefers, have those on hand upon their arrival. You could also place a welcome board in the reception area with their name on it. In other words, treat every client individually. These little things can help to build trust and lead to a loyal client for your company.


3. Clean up the Place

Perhaps the first thing a client will see as they walk into your office is its current state of cleanliness and maintenance. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the areas which are open and visible to customer view.

Additionally, also inspect the places that only a few clients might see. What’s more, have someone other than you evaluate the area from top to bottom and wall to wall. Ask that person to conduct a full review of what needs to be cleaned or repaired. Then follow up accordingly.

When a client walks through those doors, everything is on show. Anything could ultimately make or break a business opportunity.


4. Give Some Attention to Reception

The second thing a client will notice as they walk through your office doors is the reception staff. It is vital that reception employees provide unparalleled service to clients. The interactions the client has with the reception staff could play a pivotal role in a client’s initial and ongoing experience with the business. Therefore, train all reception staff to provide eye contact, a smile, and a greeting as each customer walks through the door.


5. Offer Refreshments and Other Materials

No one likes waiting, so it is important to spruce up the area where your clients will be before their appointment begins. Add a sleek coffee machine, a water cooler, and some light nibbles in the waiting area. This will allow clients to become comfortable while they’re waiting. Ultimately, they will be more relaxed for their meeting.

Aside from refreshments, another great idea is to provide a selection of complimentary daily newspapers at reception. You could also place magazines next to the waiting room chairs. If clients are likely to bring children along, provide a few toys.


6. Consider the Post-Meeting Experience

You should continue to pamper clients after they have left the office. A nice follow-up gesture might be a simple card or small gift you send in the mail. Not only is this an example of exceptional customer service, but it is an added incentive for your client to choose your company over a competitor.


7. Don’t Be Stingy

Last but not least, don’t be stingy. Spend a bit of money to turn the air conditioning on when it’s hot. Turn up the heat when it’s cold. What’s more, keep both the heater and the air conditioner running smoothly by replacing the filters regularly. This is easier if you contract with a company that has a subscription business model.

Stock the waiting room with decent tea, coffee, and snacks. Additionally, send out small gifts that you know your customers will appreciate. Basically, spend a bit of money on the little things. This strategy will make you money in the long run.



In order to have the most successful business possible, train all employees to help out around the office, no matter what role they have. Especially, train all employees to pamper clients by being respectful and excelling at customer service.