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How POS Systems Are Changing

…and Why You Need to Pay Attention

Not too long ago, POS systems were at the forefront of modern hospitality technology. They were unrivaled in their ability to provide a seamless experience and service delivery for both diners and operators.

Now, POS systems (point-of-sale systems) have become an expected part of the hospitality scene. However, significant changes promise to radicalize the way we interact with these vital systems.

Read on if you are curious to learn how these POS systems are changing, and why you need to pay attention.

Cloud-Based POS Systems Are a Game-Changer

A cloud-based POS system has changed the game for many business owners, allowing for greater mobility and enhanced data capabilities.

Okay, but what does that mean in real-life circumstances?

It means that restaurant owners can now add, remove, and optimize items from their menu. Additionally, they can review the booking numbers for current and future sittings. What’s more, they can do all of these things remotely.

This is because with cloud POS there is no need for guesswork, with data and real-time access one of its most significant changes.

It also syncs your entire management team. Everyone can log in, review the daily takings, and make decisions based on facts. In other words, you won’t have to call a meeting and get everyone in the same room to align on a decision.

POS Systems Can Now Integrate with Your CRM

CRM (or customer relationship management) is, was, and will always be a business owner’s greatest asset. This is because these sophisticated systems allow you to provide a tailored level of service, retaining key data and rewarding loyal behavior.

Previously, however, CRM systems worked in isolation. There was no option for CRM integration, but this is no longer the case.

What’s possible now is a streamlined service experience that takes place on a single platform.

Some POS systems are so advanced that they can record customer activity and even aggregate these activities into different levels. This way, customers receive one personalized email from a set of email marketing lists.

In a world where customers are smarter about who they give their data to and why, it’s imperative that you have a sophisticated CRM system that will use this data appropriately and strategically.


Enjoy Peace of Mind with Enhanced Security

Whenever the Internet is involved, a greater level of security is required. This is the main rationale behind IoT (the Internet of Things).

This interconnectivity allows POS systems to integrate with multiple systems. These can include CRM systems, accounting systems, front and back machines, and even smart appliances and technologies. What’s more, thanks ti IoT, they’re all available on one easy-to-use platform.

Having a number of platforms operating in their own capacity means you have to mitigate the risk factor of more entities. Conversely, you can now choose to have a single platform that is synced and managed under one security provider.

For example, reputable POS systems will nudge employees to change their passwords periodically. Additionally, it will compel them to use intricate password constructs to stay compliant.

Therefore, don’t risk one platform being compromised, thereby risking the others, when you can now tighten your security more holistically.

Boost Profits with Dual Commerce

Now what does POS look like in an online business that operates on an existing platform?

Modern POS systems will integrate with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms, tracking online and offline transactions.

In the past, online retailers would have to export all kinds of sales and CRM data. Then they would have to marry them up to settle, send, and communicate with customers.

However, with the newest POS systems, you can simply run your e-commerce business. Your POS system will integrate with your chosen platform, working in tandem as if they were the same program.

Switch Now to an Intuitive POS System

You need to pay attention to the changes in POS systems, as many of these changes add mobility and agility to your operation. Whether you are in hospitality or e-commerce, there are a lot of things you can manage more effectively with an intuitive POS system.

Talk to some of the leaders in POS today and find the right solution that will ensure your business success.

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