Over 40 of the Best Small Business Ideas For Men

Here’s a list of over 40 small business ideas for men. Most of these business ideas have little start-up costs and low overhead. Also, there are several of these small business ideas for men. Of course, you can adopt any of them and tailor them to women as well.

Before diving into the journey of owning or purchasing a small business, it’s a good idea to have a plan in mind. The first order of business is to know who your target market is. This would include demographics like location, gender, age, and interests.

If your small business is going to be local, do your research and know who your competitors are. This may change your strategy a little. However, it’s better to know from the beginning rather than later when your marketing and business efforts are failing you.

All of these small business ideas for men could also start as side businesses or hustles until you can get everything into place to go full time. Some of the business ideas will be a little easier as a side business than others.

Breaking through as an entrepreneur and being your own boss can be very rewarding. But just know there is some hard work involved. Don’t give up, the payoff is amazing with rouletet.77in as long as you stick with it and follow through.

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Small Business Ideas For Men – Home Based/Online Based

Are you thinking you want to become an entrepreneur but just need one idea to get started? Here's over 40 small business ideas for men that you can start today! Some business ideas are online and home based, while other require going to locations.

Start a Blog

starting a blog small business idea for men

Starting a blog is actually pretty easy, but your payoff will not be immediate. This is a great way of making a step into the online world. What’s more, it can allow you to eventually have passive income, depending on your business plan. 

The first step in starting a blog is acquiring hosting. We recommend either Siteground or Bluehost for beginners. As you grow and gain more traffic you will eventually need a server to sustain your site. At that point, we recommend switching to Flywheel. 

Once you go through the hosting process, they will ask you to choose your website name. This step is very important. Keep in mind that you can always use your name or something that is relevant to your niche. Later as you grow this can be changed. But try to choose a domain name that you like and will keep, at least for a while.

Other tips when choosing your domain name:

  • Make sure it is easy to spell.
  • Try to choose a domain name that ends in .com.
  • Research social media platforms. While the domain may be available, you want to be known on social media. Therefore, you do not want the same handle as someone else.

Afterward, you will need a WordPress.org account. Heads up: There are two types of WordPress accounts. The other one is WordPress.com, which is free. But if you plan on making money in the future with your blog DO NOT register with that one. It is NOT the same.

After you have finished registering you are free to get started on writing blogs, setting up pages, and adding your own personality to your new site. Read more about how to build an attention-grabbing website so you can maximize your efforts early on rather than making mistakes through trial and error.

dropshipping business


If you are passionate about products but don’t want to keep the stock, then a dropshipping company is perfect for you. Basically you set up an e-commerce platform. Then you decide on the products you want to sell, but a third party keeps the stock and ships directly to the customer. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are using a shipper overseas, you need to find reliable vendors. You want to work with companies that have quality products and can ship in a reasonable amount of time. This is the number-one complaint in the dropshipping business. 

selling online products as a business

Selling Online Products as a Business

Online products are essentially digital downloads. This includes courses, ebooks, printable, images, photos, etc. So there is no physical shipping involved and it is great when you want low startup costs and overhead. Many people incorporate online products into their blogs and websites to set themselves up for passive income. 

small business idea for men holding a freelance sign

Become a Freelancer

The term freelancer covers a wide variety of business ideas. Whatever your talent may be, whether it is graphic design, writing, blogging, proofreading, or something else, you can use platforms like Fivver to get jobs. If you are a freelance writer, magazines, websites, and companies accept articles on your behalf and then compensate you. So depending on what your passion or expertise is, there is definitely immediate money-making potential in this area. Prior to inquiring about gigs you should have a website or portfolio to showcase your work. 

graphic designer

Graphic Designer

This is HUGE right now. Entrepreneurs all over are looking to outsource daunting tasks or the non-techy business-minded people need help with creativity. There are jobs posted all over the place, especially on Fiverr and in Facebook Groups.

If you are a pro when it comes to Photoshop and Adobe this is a great opportunity for you. Plus, you don’t have to invest a ton of money to get started. You can get the Canva Pro account for less than $13 a month and do wonders with it! It gives you access to stock photos, a HUGE list of fonts, and the option to create branded boards for every client. Additionally, you can easily share your work or download. They recently added a video feature, too. This is awesome when it comes to increasing engagement on social media or through email campaigns. 

small business idea for men translator


Are you multilingual? This may be the perfect small business to get you going. Many local companies, especially healthcare and dental offices need translators. If you are wanting a more from home type of job, these tech guys made their debut on Shark Tank. They offer translating services on demand for people around the world. They are always looking for freelancers. Check out verbalizeit.

Airbnb Host

outside of an airbnb

Being an Airbnb host is a great opportunity if you are looking for a side hustle or a roommate. It works best if you live in an especially desirable metro area. This will not be passive income, however. This is because the space does need to be cleaned prior to each party’s arrival. But how well you do will depend on the rate and the personalized experiences you can offer. Being able to offer add-ons will allow you to gain top dollar.

Airbnb has also added the service where you can host an experience. That may mean you taking people out for kayaking, bar hopping, and historical tours. Here are more ideas for streamlining your Airbnb business

podcasting as a small business idea for men


Podcasts are taking the world by storm. Everyone is always staying plugged in somehow. Starting a podcast on a topic that you are an expert on or a field that you have multiple contacts in could be a nice way to breakthrough in the online world and start a successful business.

Most of the time podcasters have websites that will have multiple streams of income flowing in. Basically being a podcaster gets your brand, your information, and your products if you have any out into the world. You can invite interview guests who typically refer back to you in their business.

When you are just starting out don’t go after the big fish. Start with an influencer who has a small following or a similar following to you. They will be more likely to partner with you. What’s more, it can lead to healthy networking relationships that pay off in the future.

To get started again like most online businesses outside of your computer and microphone you will need a website. Your Website simply gives you proof that you are a legitimate company and a place where you can be found.

Research in SEO will be beneficial to be found in search results. Just know that being on a podcast alone, you cannot be found on Google. This is because iTunes is not a search engine. Therefore, you will need other means to gain traffic. This could also mean mentioning your podcast on social media, through blog posts, guest posting, and email campaigns.

man developing websites as a small business

Web Developer

This career is in SUCH a high demand right now more than ever as a small business idea for men! People are constantly converting their business online and need tech-savvy developers to really exceed their expectations.

If you already have experience in this area you can EASILY have at least 2 clients in the next month if you market yourself correctly. Check out Facebook groups and Fiverr first. Facebook groups are becoming insanely popular for getting leads in the online industry. If you need a little more guidance there are actually some free courses that you can take to learn how to code. Not to mention, Fiverr recently launched Fiverr Learn where they offer courses in a WIDE range of online courses!

best seller on amazon for a small business idea for men

Amazon Seller 

Being an Amazon seller is quite easy to get started. However, you will not get that little Buy It Now box until you have several months of sales and great ratings. Most people look for companies that will Dropship products to Amazon. Amazon takes care of packaging and shipping while you pay either a percentage or small fee depending on your account setup.

Clearly, on this platform unlike eBay, you will not be selling used goods. Most people find wholesale retailers that way they can get bulk items cheaper and then markup when it comes to selling on Amazon. Amazon recently added an Amazon Artisan shop which is similar to Etsy basically handmade Goods.

Etsy Shop

This platform isn’t just for women and handmade frilly stuff. There are millions of people that shop on Etsy looking for all sorts of items from physical to digital. If you have a hobby that you are wanting to turn to profits, you can easily do that.

One thing that is great for beginners is that Etsy offers exclusive shipping. So you don’t have to configure pricing and it comes with a discount compared to the local USPS. If you are wanting to ship heavier items sometimes UPS or FedEx is a more economical option. All you really need are decent photos and a scale to measure your weight (so they can calculate your shipping) to get started. Once you get to the Etsy Seller dashboard, you can get a better idea of what you may need in the future. 

Digital Downloads on Etsy

Offering digital services is perfect for less overhead and not having to manage a physical product, plus this business can usually get off the ground fairly quickly when it comes to getting sales. 

Here are some digital ideas you could offer:

  • Stock Photo images 
  • Printables 
  • Planners 
  • Digital Planners 
  • SVGs/Photo files that people use to make with graphic design/logos
  • Blog and Website themes 
  • Fonts 
  • Procreate Brushes 
  • Filters for Lightroom/Photoshop 
  • Templates 

Selling On eBay

Becoming an eBay seller is quite easy. You can order items to resell through wholesale distributors or if you enjoy antiques and garage sales you may have some unique finds that some may pay top dollar for. One woman started her online business journey as an eBay seller in order to keep a roof over her head and it turns out she makes over a million dollars now in the online industry, but selling on eBay was her gateway.

virtual assistant working in their small business

Virtual Assistant

The VA industry is currently thriving and needs people from admin to expert Google Ad specialists. The term virtual assistant is an umbrella term for basically all things that can be done online to aid someone else. You can have clients that you complete work for on a monthly basis, such as social media management or graphic designer, when other times you may only need them for ala carte services like building a course or launching an ebook. If you can find that one virtual talent, this could be a goldmine.

business coach

Business Coach 

If you are already business savvy or can be considered an expert in that field, look into offering coaching services. You can have 1:1 sessions that are offered as a high-level service or group coaching for more of a membership type business plan.


How many people hate keeping up with receipts and the thought of taxes? Everyone. Being an online bookkeeper means that you can work from the comfort of your home and make pretty decent money when it comes to keeping people organized financially. If you want to get started having a certification from Quickbooks is a great showcase, and even if you don’t that’s okay. Seriously when it comes to keeping books I prefer Quickbooks or Freshbooks. This would be a service you could offer depending on your client’s preference or user experience in your own opinion.

Buy and Sell Blogs 

Sites like Flippa are where you can browse brand new sites up to million-dollar sites that already make 1000s a month. This is a fairly new journey when it comes to an individual acting as the broker. It sounds technical, but if you know anything about blogging, this may be an easy route. Sound interested? Here’s a course that tells you exactly what to do, how to do it, how to price, and all of the legalities involved. Chelsea comes highly recommended in this department!

Youtube channel 

Did you know that YouTube is the second most searched place on the internet? Google is number one but that’s no surprise considering Google owns YouTube. Everyone who wants to know how to do something or starts following their favorite influencer eventually ends up on the YouTube platform.

This is a relatively low-cost business startup idea because the only thing you need is a computer, minor editing software, an internet connection, and a decent microphone. With a little more research about graphic design and SEO, you could be on your way to becoming a YouTube Rockstar and being paid passively.

Computer and Electronics Repair

Mechanically and electronically inclined?  Then you may need to become a refurbisher or electronic repair go to. Especially when it comes to Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, and computers. People will pay a premium for those services because most dealers do not want to work on the Apple brand.

There are many towns where an Apple store is more than an hour and a half away and people would rather go somewhere local a vs. been out of town and being overcharged in general.

This business is huge especially around holidays for the people who want the best electronics or the newer electronics and can’t afford the price tag. They typically look for refurbished goods so you don’t have to be limited to only repairs that you give back to your client, but also buying up cheap used electronics and rebuilding them to new Again.

T-Shirt Design Business

Going back to the Etsy Shop idea that was mentioned earlier here is another way to incorporate that. Making T-shirts can be very lucrative on a small scale. When selling on platforms such as Etsy people know it’s going to be higher than going to your local Walmart or Boutique shop simply because it is usually individuals or small businesses that are literally hand-making the products. So no production lines, no overseas shipments, simply purchasing materials close to the retail price, they know it’s going to cost more. A Trotec laser engraving machine, a bunch of plain t-shirts bought on wholesale, a laptop, and some storage space in your garage is all you need to get started.

Also, another great way to gain business as a T-shirt designer is to partner with local companies advertise in your area for events such as weddings, parties or even local boutiques. Really all you need to get your t-shirt business started is a computer, a Cricut and some HTV along with a heat press.

This is a very small investment that could lead to much bigger things as you scale your business. Oh yeah don’t forget your T-shirts but don’t stop there, you can make bags, personalized glasses, decals, and more with the Cricut Machine for less than $300.

Marketing Consultant

If you know the ins-and-outs of successful marketing you could totally be a consultant with very low start-up costs. Basically a consultant is not producing anything physical; they are lending advice after reviewing current marketing practices and also reviewing budgets and profit-and-loss statements to evaluate how they can maximize their marketing ROIs.

This would still be a freelance type job. To get started you just need a website and start putting your name out there. If you want to stay in the online world use Facebook groups and the LinkedIn platform for more high-level executive clients. You will want to have a website to build your portfolio and case studies. Many people have been burnt on marketing tactics in the past and they want to know that they are being guided on a path to success.

Small Business Ideas for Men – Outside of the Home

As a man, if you enjoy being outdoors, outside of your home or more manual labor. These small business ideas may be better for you.

Handyman Business

This is one of the best small business ideas for men if you have a knack for fixing things! People are always in the market for skilled trades, especially with our world drowning in technology, this is an area that will increase substantially in the future due to people being drawn more to hands-off jobs along with disliking manual labor. Be sure to check out handyman business software fieldd. the Next Door app where you can see people in your local area looking for recommendations for home improvements.

Pressure Washing Business 

If you don’t have the capital to invest right away in all of the pressure washing equipment you can always lease! Be sure to start with a business plan in place. With this being a physical business you will need to know who your target market is, what they would typically spend, is this feasible in your area, and know the ongoing expenses. Find out more about owning a pressure washing business.


 Have a knack for a specific subject in the educational field? Many parents want tutoring for their children, but often do not know where to turn outside of their school systems. This would be a great opportunity for the right person. Be prepared to have proof that you are an expert in that field, be able to pass a background check and drug test if applicable, and it would help to have a few reviews under your belt for their ease of mind. You could also check out centers like Sylvan, or look at online resources like Indeed, Learn4Good, and Remote.co.


There’s so much money to be made in the photography industry it’s unreal. Starting off you will want to have a portfolio to showcase your skills, know your niche, and have a competitive pricing structure. It’s also very important to have a website, so if you new be sure to check out Bluehost or Siteground if you need a hosting service. 

Areas of photography to explore:

  • Wedding/Parties/Special Occasions
  • Aerial/Drone 
  • Real estate 
  • Stock photography (start a business with your photos and sell to industries as packages)
  • Portrait/Family/Newborn
  • Submission photography (you take photos them sell to websites as stock photos or premium images)

Udemy offers a TON of classes to get you started and some of them are even FREE! If you think you are leaning more towards stock photography, then hosting your business either on your website, Shopify or Etsy, here are the only tools you need to get started! 


If you don’t mind the hours, Uber and Lyft may be the perfect option for your next business idea. This really benefits you if you are located in a larger city or in an area that hosts a lot of events such as sports, concerts, festivals, etc. Be sure to check each website about the rates and compensation so you can be sure it’s worth your time. If you decide that Uber is the way to go here are some tips to grow your Uber business where it can be successful. 

Food Delivery 

People want convenience now more than ever. Services such as GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats are really thriving in 2020. Again, being in larger cities will be more profitable for you as a driver, but if you are leaning towards actually starting a food delivery business on your own, here are 6 tips to start an organic food delivery business.

Food consciousness and healthy diets are really on the rise, so healthy alternatives are a plus for convenience and people don’t have to “learn” about what they are eating, because they know it is a trusted source. 

Party Rentals

The party and wedding niche is a billion-dollar industry, and if you have a little bit of cash to get started you may want to get in on this business idea. Many people set aside their thoughts in pricing when it comes to a party or wedding, which is why this is such a lucrative venture. When you think of party rentals don’t be limited to think about children’s bounce houses and blowups; think about tables, chairs, linens, decorations, clean up services, etc.


You may need a little more experience when it comes to this particular skill, but it’s totally doable and very lucrative. A low-end package in the wedding industry is over $6000 dollars for the day of a wedding. You will need more than an entry-level set up when it comes to tripods, cameras, and external monitors, but in the long run, it will definitely all pay off.

Rural Waste Management 

Maybe your local area is rural and people are lazy when it comes to not having city trash pickup. All you would simply need is a truck and the motivation to build your route to offer garbage collection. Depending on your area, this could bring a pretty penny if there is a lack of. 

Property Management 

Being in the real estate industry as an agent may not always be an option but there are plenty of people who have rentals that they just want to get paid. In this scenario you would be in charge of collecting rent, scheduling repairs, maintaining records, and basically handling everything at that property and the owner pays you a fee. You could set this up monthly or quarterly.

Personal Trainer 

Love fitness, wellness, and healthy lifestyles? Becoming a personal trainer may be a good business idea for you. In the new decade, health and wellness topics are reaching an all-time high of people wanting to get fit and becoming healthier, leaving behind the toxic chemicals that are infiltrating our lifestyle daily. Obviously you could work for a local gym such as Planet Fitness or Gold’s Gym.

Breaking into the CrossFit industry is another good idea or offering classes in a more non-traditional way such as a mobile personal trainer or build contracts with companies or corporate industries to where they can offer an on-site loyalty program for their employees. 

Music Instructor

If music comes easy to you you may want to offer private music lessons such as the guitar or piano. There are also music stores who are established that contract lessons out to individuals where you would simply meet on-site weekly depending on their clients’ schedules. You could also have your clients come to your home or visit them. I would not recommend this small business idea if you do not already have musical talent due to the time it takes to become expert enough to teach someone else. If you LOVE music here are some other small business ideas.

Mobile Car Washing 

 People love convenient services that come to you. By that I mean they simply do not have to leave where they are currently to have what they want to be completed. Also, people who really respect their cars and get car washes regularly love the thought of hand washing and waxing but don’t want to put the effort in.

This small business idea would be a great seasonal job and a good side hustle during the Spring and Summer, after snowstorms to wash off the salt or even partner with companies for monthly incentives for employees.

Start-up would include car washing products, a water supply unless you know that there is a hookup on site that you have been given permission to use. Also, determine if you are will offer vacuuming services and high end detailing.

Food Truck 

There’s something that never goes out of style… food. Everyone has to eat so you literally do not have to worry about that business idea dissipating in the future. Food trucks have turned into more than just eating but an experience. Most towns hold food truck festivals or if they have large festivals you will see them there.

They’re also restaurants and bars that are now expanding to have any food trucks come on-site along with breweries and wineries too.

Don’t forget weddings and parties that now entertain this rather than catering. Startup may be a little higher in this industry due to getting the vehicle if you are really interested you can find out more about the food truck business here.

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Real Estate Appraisal

 This is a great side hustle idea becoming a real estate appraiser could be good when the market is up. Even when the market slows down there are still homes that are being sold and all must have appraisal if they are going to purchase through a bank loan.

Typically appraisals cost anywhere between $300 and $800 depending on the individual completing the appraisal, the square footage of the home and the location you are completing the appraisal in. Relationships can be built with realtors, loan officers and other local contractors due to you all being in the same niche you can build out quite a good buddy system.

small business ideas for men as a junk removal service

Junk Removal Service

 This is another job for the yard saler and junk lover. You know what they say “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Many times in Metro areas where they don’t drive vehicles often or maybe they do not have access to a truck people need old furniture hauled off, mattresses, grills and other items that are no longer any good. Here’s your opportunity to make some money if you have the means to do it when it comes to a vehicle that can haul.

You would need to determine the fee you will charge for the haul. Also, know that if you go to a waste site there will be dumb fees incurred. For other things like old antiques and furniture, you might get off selling them to local dealers who offer high-end reclaimed wood items or sell them for a quick buck at consignment stores.

notary stamp


 Being a notary isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or even get rich at all but it is a service that you can offer on-demand. Think about how many transactions take place on the weekends or after the banks are closed. Being available after hours as a notary will allow you to raise your rate and become the go-to when it comes to having to have things notarized.

dirty pool-small business idea for men as a pool cleaner

Pool Cleaning 

Guys being involved with cleaning pools this is a fairly seasonal industry, however during the off-season pools still need to be tested and cleaned even covered and possibly replace parts such as the pumps or liners. It can take a lot of time and work especially when pH and other chemical factors are off and not many people want to do it themselves.

You can acquire pool chemicals for lower prices when ordering in wholesale bundles meaning you will have a higher margin when it comes to selling to your client. Most homeowners have the tools on the site that you need to clean a pool such as the net, vacuum system, etc. However, the way to stand out is to bring all of your own stuff that way you don’t have to worry about different makes and models if the equipment works or if it’s going to be durable.

small business idea for men in franchising

Invest in a Franchise

If you have capital lying around and really want to make an investment you should think about a franchise. This is going to be a slow-growing profit but over time will yield great results if done correctly.

This list is a great starting place when it comes to small business ideas. Again, while most of these are small business ideas for men, you could easily change your business model or niche and take your business in another direction, ladies!

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