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How to Create Buzz Ahead of Your Business Launch

Featured image by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

Launching a new business is exciting. Moreover, it’s something you want to make as memorable as possible. That’s why generating buzz ahead of your business launch is always a good idea.

The more people who know about your new venture before you launch, the more chance it has of being a roaring success. Lots of hype could also help to establish a good initial customer base. Here are seven fabulous ways to create some buzz around your business launch.

Arrange a VIP Opening Night

If you will be providing local services, or you will be reliant on local trade, arranging an opening night will give you the opportunity to tell a select clientele about your business. Moreover, it will give you the chance to show them around your premises and tell them about your company and your vision.

Therefore, send out invitations to friends, family, business acquaintances, local press, and other key people. In short, invite anyone you think could generate additional interest for your venture.

If you are selling products rather than a service, have them on display. If you are opening a restaurant or café, arrange to have some samples of the cuisine you will be serving available for your guests.

Also, have a speech prepared to thank everyone for coming and tell them a little more about why you are launching your business and what you want to achieve. A formal opening night will create buzz and get the locals talking.

Get Busy on Social Media Ahead of Your Business Launch

Before and after your launch, make sure you utilize the power of social media. Start a Facebook page and ask family and friends to share it. Use platforms such as YouTube or Instagram to post promotional videos.

These platforms provide a great opportunity to tell people about your new company. You’ll also be able to give them a visual taster of the products you will have available to purchase.

If you aren’t sure where to start, there are many promotional video templates available that you can adapt to suit your brand. These allow you to post quality videos with a professional finish to draw people to your business. 

Invite the Local Press

Invite the local press along. Ask the editor of the local paper to run a feature about your business in the local paper or on their website. They may agree to take photographs and interview you to find out more about your plans.

To get the ball rolling, put together a press release and send it out to the local newspaper and TV station. If you don’t feel up to the task, hire a freelancer to write it for you.

Also, local advertising is a great way to create hype around your business. After all, you want to get the locals talking.


Run a Competition Around Your Business Launch

Running a competition is another great way to create some pre-launch interest. Social media competitions work exceptionally well. For example, a contest on Facebook will get people interested who might not otherwise know about your launch.

Whether it’s a product giveaway or a gift voucher to spend on your products, a competition will help spread the word. In addition, choosing the winner on launch day will provide another chance to generate some excitement.

Tap into Influencers

If you can get a social media influencer to give you a shout out, the results could be huge. So try to target influencers you believe would love your products or have a genuine interest in your company.

Many people who send sample products to influencers are lucky enough to get those influencers to show their products and talk about them. An honest review from someone with a large following could make your launch day an even bigger success. 

Use Your Blog to Build Buzz Around Your Launch

If you have a blog, make sure you blog about your business and your launch several times. What’s more, ask fellow bloggers to mention it on their pages.

Blogging networks are really popular, and you never know who might be willing and able to help generate some hype. The more followers you have, the more people you will reach, so if your business is a mere idea in your head, start a blog now. It could help when the time comes for your idea to become a reality.

Get Creative with Photography

A great way to add a bit of a buzz around your business launch is to be clever with your photography. If you are selling physical products rather than a service, try to show the products in a quirky way. For example, use unique backgrounds and sets.

How about creating a “coming soon” campaign where you only show part of a product rather than all of it? There are many ways to be clever about it. You just need to spend some time learning what kinds of images will have the biggest effect on your target market.

Create a Business Launch That’s Really Something

Put on your thinking cap and come up with more ideas of your own. After all, if you do it right, your business launch could be a once-in-a-lifetime event, launching a business that lives on for years.