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Hail Insurance: Who Needs It and Why

If you own and operate a business in Denver—or anywhere in Colorado for that matter—you likely have hail insurance. This is because you know how serious hailstorms can be. After all, Colorado is one of the most common US states to experience intense hail during thunderstorms, along with several other states in the Midwest.

Part of running a business involves properly maintaining the building where you run your business from. As a result, it’s crucial not to neglect your roof. For one thing, your roof protects your inventory and other property inside your company’s building.

Moreover, considering how sizable hail can get, it’s a good idea to have a plan for dealing with your business after a major storm. So if you’re truly interested in keeping your Denver-based business safe and up-to-date, here are a few tips when it comes to your roof.


Inspect Your Roof Often for Hail Damage and Other Issues

Since you live and run a business in an area notorious for hail storms, it’s crucial that you get your roof assessed frequently. Once a year is generally a good rule of thumb. However, after a hail storm it never hurts to get a second opinion about the condition of your property and its roof.

Many roofing companies offer free inspections when you need one. If you aren’t sure where to go, just head to your favorite search engine and type in “commercial roofing Denver co.” You’ll be sure to find several great options.

During a roof inspection, the person inspecting your roof will make note of any abnormal features, in order to have an accurate record of existing problems. A roofing contractor will also take a look at traditionally weak points of your roof.

For example, they will check the roof’s vents to make sure that things are still secure. They may also highlight dents, dings, and indentations. These may have been caused by hail or by other factors. In any case, they may cause water to pool, which could spell disaster down the road.


Fix Small Problems Quickly

Once a roofing contractor has inspected your roof, it’s vital to get any problems fixed as quickly as possible. This is because something as small as a minor dent or a broken shingle could quickly develop into something much worse. This could become a major problem if more inclement weather should come your way.

While it may be an immediate cost upfront, paying to get your commercial roof property repaired can go a long way toward preventing further problems.

All it takes is a weak point on your roof to pose a risk. Then, a sizable piece of hail or a heavy wind storm could cause leaks and other damage to your property. When you consider how valuable some items in your business are, a leak can really spell trouble.

Just imagine what it could cost you to replace your company’s computers and merchandise, for example, should your building’s roof develop a sizable leak. The last thing you want is to be filing an hail insurance claim on your roof and your business’s wares. So do yourself a favor and take care of any issues as they arise. Don’t wait for them to come back to bite you.

Trust the Experts When It Comes to Preparing for Hail Storms

When it comes to making repairs on your commercial property, it’s important that you don’t cut corners. Finding commercial roofing services can help you get the workmanship you need. They will advise you about upgrades to your roofing materials. Their advice can help you stave off damages in the future.

A roofing crew will be able to do the job quickly, safely, and effectively. So don’t try to do it yourself. This is especially the case if you’re serious about the success of your company. It’s always a good idea to do things properly.

It’s also worth noting that if you are planning on filing a claim for hail damage, many insurance companies require you to use a roofing contractor. Additionally, many require you to choose someone with experience working on commercial building exteriors. Therefore, it’s better to go with the pros when it comes to handling your hail storm damage repair. They will properly document the steps they take to keep your roof in good standing.

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