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More than 4.5 billion people were active users of the Internet as of April 2020. That is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, any law firm, whether new or established, would do well to consider online marketing for finding and addressing all its clients and prospects.

Regardless of the size of your law firm, having a strong online presence can put you a step ahead of your conservative competitors. Read on for five essential marketing tips to bolster your online presence and increase your organic reach.

1. Work on Your Law Firm’s Website Design

A website is a must-have asset in this digital era. However, merely setting up one won’t guarantee success for your law firm. Pretty much every business has an online presence. What separates the good from the great is the amount of effort that goes into designing their websites.

A good web design must have an accessible navigation bar, great graphics, mobile-friendliness, fast load speeds, informational accessibility, and intuitiveness.

2. Optimize for Search Engines

SEO (search engine optimization) increases visibility for your law firm’s website. When you have well-run SEO practices in place, people who need your services can find you on the Internet.


In a process called crawling, search engines scan your website and determine what it is about. They do this by looking at keywords and other SEO elements such as the type and quality of backlinks coming to your webpages.

Proper SEO practices can increase your rankings on search results pages and get clicks from potential customers.

3. Work on Your Local SEO

Most law firms serve specific geographic locations, mostly because laws vary by state. Additionally, clients prefer firms they can access with ease.

If you focus your services on specific cities, ensure your site or firm name pops up every time someone conducts a local search for law firms. Local searches are those queries that include names of particular localities or cities, such as “personal injury attorney in Madison County.”


By using short-tail and long-tail keywords, you can increase your law firm’s online visibility. Then, you’ll be better positioned for your target audience to find you.

4. List Your Law Firm in Online Directories

When law firms upload their details on online directories, they increase their visibility and build up their reputation and recognition. Make sure to provide as much information as possible when listing your firm. This will make for easier identification.

Include your firm’s name, your name, your team members and their expertise, physical addresses, and contact information. Basically, include anything that would make your firm more recognizable in a crowded pool.

Additionally, make sure you are consistent across directories to avoid creating confusion. And be sure to create links to all your listings. Then potential clients will find it easy to follow them, and you can make regular informational updates.

5. Optimize Your Social Media Activity

Law firms often overlook social media as a marketing tool because of the effort you have to put in to increase your organic reach.

However, the fact is that most of your clients are on Facebook and Instagram, connecting with family and friends and reacting to assorted posts. Therefore, creating compelling profiles and posting regularly exposes your law firm to these prospects and boosts your online reputation.


Whatever business you run, you must have a digital marketing strategy. The above tips can help you get started with marketing your law firm online.

Every small business needs to get up to speed with good marketing practices. So bookmark the Business Opportunities blog and visit us often for more great ideas.