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SE Ranking Backlink Checker and Monitoring: A Review

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SE Ranking SEO software has emerged as one of the most comprehensive online tools for marketing and SEO. With it, you’ll increase your clientele base by drawing in better leads.

Overview of SE Ranking

SE Ranking is one of the most affordable SEO software packages on the market today. With a variety of SEO and marketing tools and its seamless user interface, SE Ranking is a sensible choice. This even goes for those who are not experts at using SEO software.

That’s because this SEO software helps you to understand the latest SEO trends. In essence, it can help you keep your website ahead of the curve.


What Is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is software that offers a blend of essential SEO tools. Basically, it empowers the user to drive a successful marketing campaign. This software is all you need to stay on top of every search engine. This is because you can easily get backlink data on your site. Or you can check on your competition’s backlink data.

SE Ranking

The software has the most vital tools in its kit. These include keyword position tracking, website audit, keyword research, keyword suggestion and grouping, white label reporting, backlink monitoring, backlink checker, and more.

Moreover, besides the standard tools, SE Ranking takes the lead with its social media management and marketing plan. This helps users enhance their digital services.

Link Analysis by SE Ranking

You work hard to create great content. Then you optimize that content to make it easy for search engines to understand it. However, even if you have done it all perfectly, that still might not be enough in 2020.

This is because in order to stay ahead and outrank the competition, every site needs to establish authority. And to make your site authoritative, you need to earn links from authoritative websites.

Backlinks are considered to be among the most influential ranking factors. A reliable site attracts another trustworthy site. However, a spammy site attract others just like it.

Your overall backlink quality can put you in either one of these categories. Moreover, that decides the fate of your site’s reputation with your audience. To make this clear, backlinks are like site currencies. They determine the worth and the reputation of your website.

SE Ranking helps you with all of this. Users can analyze the links to their site for a better understanding of their site’s ranking ability. For example, you can learn about backlinks to your website, and you can also find out the backlinks’ competitors, too.

SE Ranking features two distinctive backlink analysis tools: Backlink Checker and Backlink Monitor. For beginners, SE Ranking allows a certain number of free backlink checks. Once you understand how the tool works, you can decide on a plan that’s right for you.

You can choose from three packages with SE Ranking. They are Optimum, Plus, and Enterprise, each available at a reasonable price. Moreover, you can also find discounts that depend upon the duration of the billing period. For example, an annual package gets you a discount of twenty percent.

SE Ranking packages

Backlink Checker

SE Ranking is equipped with what is undoubtedly one of the fastest and most reliable backlink checker tools. With the backlink checker tool, it is easy to discover the inbound links pointing to your website.

With a simple click, users can evaluate their backlinks against fifteen SEO parameters.  Moreover, accessing the tool from the dashboard is easy. You just need to specify the URL of your website or a specific page from which you want to get backlink data. Then SE Ranking lets you choose the type of analysis you want to perform.

SE Ranking Backlink Checker

Domain with Subdomains

This analysis will process your entire website structure for backlinks, including the subdomains.

Exact URL

The software will analyze the backlinks that link out from a particular webpage.

Domains without Subdomains

The checker will evaluate the backlinks that link out of your domain, excluding the ones on its subdomains.

Once you have made a selection of the analysis type you want, click the search button. You will have access to every backlink and referring domain. The data on the software helps you get a clear picture of the backlink profile. Then you can better understand the contribution of each backlink in terms of search engine promotion.

Finding Your Backlinks

The most vital function of the backlink checker tool is to discover and check your website’s backlinks. It can also do the same for your competitor’s site. With SE Ranking, you can analyze your website’s backlink structure and learn what you can improve.

Additionally, the analysis you conduct on your competitor can give you a picture of their backlink network. Thereafter, you can draw whatever inspiration best suits your purposes.

Analyzing Your Backlinks

You can analyze your backlink structure with SE Ranking, as each backlink gets evaluated against particular parameters. SE Ranking assesses backlinks against the following metrics:

  • External links — Shows the links on the linking page including the nofollow and do follow links.
  • Backlink URL — Lets you in on the URL of the page which contains your website link.
  • Date — Gives information about the discovery date of the backlink.
  • Backlink status — Shows whether a backlink is found or not found.
  • MOZ DA — Shows you the MOZ authority score, which gives you an idea about how authoritative a site is.
  • Referring domain link popularity — Informs the user about the number of inbound links and domains.
  • Server location — Provides data about the server that hosts inbound links, with its location.
  • Domain Trust — Lets you check the trust score from the Majestic, within a range of 0-100. This metric predicts the trustworthiness of a website based on the number of other reputable websites linked to it.
  • Alexa Rank — Gives the linking page’s importance as assessed by Alexa. This is based on the combined measure of page views and visitors.
  • Destination URL — Shows the location of the page where the link directs to.
  • Anchor Text — Specifies the anchor text of a particular link.
  • IP address — Provides address information of the server which hosts the linking website.
  • Social popularity — Indicates the number of shares, likes, and comments on social media platforms.

Backlink Monitoring

Backlink monitoring is a crucial task that helps in determining the success of any SEO project. SE Ranking is one of the more capable SEO platforms. For example, it gives you a detailed analysis of the backlink structure. Also, it helps you to filter out the backlinks against specific parameters.

With access to SE Ranking you will able to import backlink data automatically. This will give you smooth control over the data. Moreover, you can use the backlink monitoring tool from any device, whether that’s your desktop, your phone, or your tablet.

SE Ranking Backlink Monitoring

What’s more, the module is easy to access on the dashboard. This is important, because backlink monitoring helps you manage the link’s popularity and track its quality. Additionally, it assists you in detecting spam attacks whenever they happen.

The backlink monitoring tool evaluates backlinks against different parameters including:

  • Google index rank — Whether the link is indexed or not
  • MOZ domain authority — The domain authority, as assessed by MOZ
  • Alexa rank — The importance of the linking page as assessed by Alexa

Other parameters include the number of backlinks by the backlink pages, along with referring domains, destination URL, anchor text, last check, IP address, server country, and its shares on social media.

Working with the backlink monitoring tool of SE Ranking is easy. You can import backlinks manually or upload a .CSV file that contains links. You can also choose an automatic upload, either through SE Ranking or by connecting to the Google Search Console.

SE Ranking also makes filtering smooth. You can choose the links that you want to filter out using Noindex or Nofollow filters.

Discarding Links

You’ll get notified when any of the links from your backlink network changes status. And if any link is maligning your brand’s reputation, you can discard it here. What’s more, there is no manual cut-and-paste. All you do is mark a link that you want Google to disregard. A new ready-to-go disavow file simplifies the process for you.

Each link in your backlink structure has a value associated with it. The backlink monitor tool will make it simple for you by assigning a specific value to each link. This will give you an estimate of the total cost of your entire link-building campaign.

Our Verdict of SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an exceptional tool for SEO marketing. Moreover, backlink analysis features add to the overall package in a big way. The tools are simple to use, and the information is easy to process.

There are a lot of features that make SE Ranking an instant hit, its flexible pricing being one of them. If you are dedicated to improving your site’s search ranking, this is the right tool to do it with.

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