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Growthoid: Does It Really Grow Instagram Followers Organically?

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We review the Instagram growth service Growthoid in this post, taking a look at how Growthoid works, what type of service you can expect, and whether or not it’s worth your time.

Managing an Instagram Account on Your Own Will Keep You Hopping

Your Instagram business is booming. There is no shortage of activities to spend your energy on when you’re managing your Instagram account. After all, there are so many moving parts—content creation, scheduling, captioning, and hashtagging, to begin with. Then there’s engaging with business partners and setting up collaborations. The list goes on and on.

So the busy Instagram bee spends hours going through profiles and engaging with users one by one. This can be a tedious and relentless task. Moreover, for many Instagram users, it’s a burden that simply doesn’t fit into their daily workflow anymore.


What’s the Solution?

For years now, third-party services have offered follower growth services for Instagram. While that history has been complicated, these services have come a long way.

Additionally, the way in which people look to use growth services has changed. In the beginning, people simply wanted to bolster their follower numbers. They didn’t care much about which profiles were actually following them.

Today, though, things have shifted. Follower quality is now particularly important. Most Instagram users now believe it’s better to have a moderate number of highly engaged followers than to have a profile that is littered with inactive or fake profiles or even bots.

There are plenty of services out there that claim to offer you real Instagram follower growth. Because there are so many options, it can be difficult to choose the most effective Instagram growth service. And if you’re serious about acquiring real, organic growth, you want to engage the one that will actually deliver what they say they will.

Since it can be such a challenge, and since we know your time is valuable, we’ve chosen to review one of today’s top Instagram growth services, Growthoid. Let’s see if it really lives up to its promises.

We take a look at how Growthoid works, what type of service you can expect, and whether or not it’s worth your time.

What Is Growthoid?

Growthoid says they can deliver real, organic followers through engagement techniques that are free of bots or automation.

Basically, they target accounts that are similar to yours and that fall within your targeting instructions. They then interact with these people’s profiles and watch for them to return the favor by viewing your profile and following you.

This is currently the most popular method for Instagram growth services, and it’s actually pretty effective. It’s also the way users grow their following themselves. Therefore, you’re basically having Growthoid step in to do the work that you simply don’t have time to do.

The thing that sets Growthoid apart from other services is that they do this manually. That is, they don’t use any bots or automation services.

So Growthoid Doesn’t Use Bots—Why Does That Matter?

It’s no secret that bots and automation services have come under fire from Instagram in the past. In fact, many of the top automation growth services have stopped their operations completely simply because it wasn’t possible for them to continue.

However, growth services that offer automation do have their ways of staying under Instagram’s radar. But if you choose to go with one of these services, you’ll get super low engagement levels.

In addition, you’ll have less control over which accounts these services target on your behalf. Therefore, chances are they’ll be bringing you accounts that have little to no relevance to your targets. Basically, you will have wasted your money with them.


Conversely, since Growthoid does everything by hand, you will avoid these issues. Instead, you’ll get more valuable interactions.

Targeting will be more accurate, too. You’ll get new followers who are more connected to your niche and to your content. This means your engagement will increase.

So let’s take a look at some of the features that come with Growthoid’s Instagram growth service and see how we feel about the results.

What Are Growthoid’s Features?

Growthoid offers a variety of features in their two monthly packages. Let’s take a look at each package, check their price points, and see what they offer:

The Basic Package Is Now Discounted to $49

The basic package originally cost $99, but is now just $49.

This package give you an account manager who will be in charge of your Instagram growth. This gives you a point of reference and the peace of mind of knowing that someone is there who actually understands and cares about your account.

In addition, this package offers 10 targets along with steady growth. By the way, there are organic Instagram services that operate through engagements that promise a set follower growth number. Any service that claims to do that is being untruthful, as follower growth numbers are completely unpredictable. Growthoid passed the test here, as they simply promise steady growth, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

The Premium Package Now Costs Only $99, Discounted from $149

The premium package is similar to the basic package, but it’s supercharged. You’ll get your dedicated account manager to take over your Instagram growth, as well as advanced and additional targets. In fact, you get 40 total targets. With the premium package you also gain access to blacklist services, VIP support, and priority onboarding.

How Do Growthoid’s Prices Compare with Other Services?

Ultimately, the price points for Growthoid are extremely competitive when compared with other services out there. Plus, they offer a transparent, no-frills service that’s based around organic follower growth. We like that.

And regardless of which package you choose, you’re still going to get manual Instagram growth with an account manager who is in charge of your follower growth. That’s the thing that really piqued our interest in terms of Growthoid’s services.

Growthoid has something for people who are looking for casual follower growth as well as for those who have more specific needs or instructions. Basically, if you’re really looking to amp up your followers for whatever reason, this is the service for you.

Is Growthoid Safe?

Another issue that typically arises when discussing Instagram growth services is account safety and security.

Since most Instagram growth services need to access your login information, some people feel growth services in general aren’t safe. Other users have had problems logging into their own Instagram accounts when they entrusted their credentials to one of these services.

So we checked to make sure that Growthoid takes all measures to ensure your information stays secure and absolutely private. We can say emphatically that Growthoid’s service is 100% secure. This is because they don’t store your information, nor do they keep it in a database.

Once they log into your account, your account information is no longer viewable or accessible. This means it can’t be hacked or stolen.

You won’t have to worry about getting booted out of your account, either. In other words, you can continue to use your account normally even while they’re working on your follower growth. How great is that?

And if technical issues should happen to arise, Growthoid support is super responsive. Plus, they post solutions to some common technical glitches on their FAQ page. This is a nice reference to keep on hand, since we all understand that there are sometimes bumps in the technological road.


Review Summary

All in all, we thought that Growthoid really held up as a top-of-the-line Instagram growth service. The fact that they don’t use automation is really reassuring, and we loved the account manager feature.

The enrollment process was super simple, too. We sent them our information and were connected with our account manager almost at once. We really appreciated that, as one big problem is that you sign up for a service and it takes them ages to get back to you and get the ball rolling.

After using the service, we saw new users popping into our account and hitting “follow.” They also started to engage with content, which is when we knew the service was working. Yes, they do grow your real Instagram followers.

So don’t spend any more time scrolling through Instagram trying to build your reach on your own. And definitely do not buy Instagram followers. Instead, put your Instagram growth in Growthoid’s hands. You won’t be disappointed.