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Clients on Demand Review 2020: An Inside Look at the Program

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If you’re wondering what the Clients on Demand (COD) program is all about and whether or not it’s worth the investment, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will take a sneak peek inside the highly acclaimed course and hear what a few of COD’s students have to say about their experience. Let’s get into it.

What Is Clients on Demand?

First things first. If you’re not yet familiar with the program, Clients on Demand is a course designed to help coaches, advisors, and professional service providers scale their practices into multi-million dollar businesses. Their mantra is all about teaching the skills and strategies needed to attract the “perfect clients” for your business and to do so with integrity.

“We teach our students cutting-edge marketing techniques that really work… and we give you the technical support AND the mindset support to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your business,” says Russ Ruffino, CEO and Founder of Clients on Demand and the spearhead of their team of elite business coaches.

Find Clients Without Grinding out Content

For most service businesses, the main ingredient to success lies in consistently finding new clients. This is precisely why programs such as Clients on Demand have a high level of interest among those who are struggling to do just that.

However, the majority of programs focus on gaining an audience through mediums such as blogging, podcasting, and even YouTube. While that may be a solid way to increase your audience size, it’s extremely mundane. Moreover, it requires a considerable time investment for returns that are not guaranteed.


In contrast, Clients on Demand teaches cutting-edge marketing strategies that actually work, without the need of endlessly grinding out content.

Monika Hoyt

“I am LOVING what I do and so grateful for my clients and how they show up. My business practices are SOLID, and I’m ready to do the training process justice this time! I live my life knowing I have the best business model in the world! “

Finding the Perfect Client

One of the critical issues Russ Ruffino drives home is the importance of finding the perfect clients for your business. As he states, his course is about finding “not just any clients, but the right clients. The ones who are thrilled to work with you. Who understand that you’re unique and different from anyone else in the marketplace. They show up coachable, decisive, and resourceful. They do the work, get the results, and make you look like a rock star.”

This results in a win-win scenario for both the client and the coach. If one succeeds, so does the other.

Next-Level Coaching

It’s one thing being taught the marketing techniques to attract clients to your business, but putting them into practice is a whole different ball game. That’s why the Clients on Demand coaches take their clients through a step-by-step process, from teaching the strategy to implementing it at every step of the journey.

Karen Coffey

“I would attribute 100% of my success to the lessons of Russ and the COD team. I like to think I’m pretty smart, but I’m just not that smart. However, I was smart enough to follow the program, and I could never have figured it out on my own. 100% of my success is due to the COD team and Russ.”

The Success Mindset Offered by Clients on Demand

An often-overlooked aspect of developing a successful business is the importance of mindset. This can be the difference between those who make it and those who break. Let’s face it. The going is almost definitely going to get tough. But the ones who persevere through those times are the ones who reap the rewards.


As Clients on Demand member Zohe Felici explains in the video below, “It’s amazing being immersed with like-minded people, with such positive coaching, and the MINDSET. Mindset, to me, is huge, and just immersing myself in that has led me to actually do it, and to be a different person through all of this, all thanks to Clients on Demand.”

Source: Clients on Demand Reviews Hub

Turn to Clients on Demand When You’re Ready for Results

Clients on Demand is a program that promises to deliver results to those who are willing to work for it. The growth some of their clients are posting is seriously impressive. You can check out a couple of their case studies here.


Although, as Russ Ruffino explains, “All of these clients worked very hard, followed the Clients on Demand strategies to the letter, invested in advertising, and overcame multiple challenges to succeed. Do not assume under any circumstances that your results will look like theirs. Your business is different, and so your results will be different.”