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Client Communication: 10 Ways to Create a Connection with Customers

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Customers who were highly engaged by a business increased their shopping with that company by 90%. On top of the increased frequency of transactions, they also spend around 60% more per transaction than unengaged customers.

With stats like these, the importance of quality client communication has become more important than ever. What’s more, customers are holding businesses to a higher standard with their interactions.


How can you improve your customer interactions and boost engagement? We’ve compiled 10 great ways you can connect with your customers and drive engagement for your business.

Follow along to discover the tips and tricks you can use to engage with customers now.

1. Up Your In-House Experience

The first step in improving communication with your customers is stepping up your service. No matter what engagement strategies you have in place, if you fail to deliver a great experience at the ground level, customers simply won’t offer you their business. 

Try introducing a VIP system for your clientele and make an effort to use the customer’s name. This will make the interaction feel more personal, and build the customer’s attachment to your brand.

2. Conduct Surveys

Surveys are beneficial to your company in so many aspects. For starters, they let you know how you are really doing. They tell you where you can improve and what efforts are working on a consumer level.

This feedback is invaluable when you are developing your customer engagement strategies. It can keep you from becoming stuck with your efforts. On top of this, the survey acts as an excellent way to let clients know you care what they think.

They have the opportunity to give you their opinion and contribute to your brand, making them feel involved and valued.

3. Send Out Newsletters

Keep customers in the loop by introducing a newsletter. Choose a weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletter option and send them out via email, mail, or even as bag stuffers.

Newsletters are a great opportunity to promote upcoming events, sales, or launches, and add a bit of fun and creativity to your brand activities. Incorporate games and contests to keep it light and engaging without pouring an overwhelming amount of information on your consumers.

Once you’ve chosen your newsletter schedule and presentation method, stick to it.

4. Master Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is no longer just for connecting with your friends. In fact, 89% of consumers reported that they would buy from a brand that they are connected with on social media.

Creating interesting content that sparks a conversation is a sure-fire way to increase your brand’s visibility and gain valuable customer engagements. Just be sure to keep your posts relevant and actively respond to as many comments and questions as possible.

5. Add a Blog to Your Website

Adding a blog to your website gives you the chance to keep your platform fresh and up to date. This content creation is not only great for your SEO and visibility, but it also gives customers a reason to keep checking back in with you.

Use your social media communication channels to spread the word about your newest post and start directing people to your website to stay up to date. You’ll be able to offer valuable information, tips and tricks, and even promote your latest products right from the site.

As a bonus, you can easily integrate links and references to your products or feedback pages throughout your blogs to make connecting and purchasing simple and accessible.

6. Engage Customers with Email Marketing

The best email marketing campaigns are able to engage with customers in a way that keeps them coming back for more. Of course, spamming your customers with several emails per day about your latest sales can be pushy, so be sure to tailor your emails to your customer’s needs and nurture your leads.

Collecting a client’s email address gives you a perfect method to stay in touch and lead them through your sales funnel. You can even customize your campaigns to draw in customers who never completed their purchase or offer special deals to returning clientele.

7. Send Customers Text Messages

Similar to email marketing, text message marketing is a short and sweet way to encourage more touchpoints with customers.

Text messages have an incredibly high opening rate and can offer chances to boost communication by using text back options or personalized notes. Just be sure to keep your texts short and ease off on the frequency to prevent an increase in ‘opt-out’ responses.

8. Call

Take your efforts offline with the good old fashioned phone call. This may feel intimidating or spammy at first, but establishing a great relationship with your customers via the phone can go a long way.

Structure your calls to encourage a more compassionate check-in, rather than a pushy sales call. Keep notes on file so you can ask them how they are doing with their latest purchase, if they had any concerns, or what their experience with your team was like.

This will make them feel like you are offering extra value and are worth their time and money again.

9. Send Written Mail

While being on social media is important for your growth, competing with the noise of these platforms can be quite difficult. Fortunately, with so much digital distraction, consumers are craving offline connection.

Stand out by sending special offers or handwritten thank you cards to your customers via snail mail. This personal touch breaks through the generic social media blasts and encourages a higher level of client communication.

10. Give Customers Freebies

While giving away things for free sounds like it would negate your sales, the opposite is true. Offering tidbits of valuable information through free resources builds your trust from customers and makes you a more reputable source for your niche.

You can do this by offering webinars, through your blog posts, or even in your email marketing.

Don’t be afraid to share some of your secrets. They are likely the very element that will keep customers coming back to you for your expertise.


Master Your Client and Customer Communication

Now that you know these 10 simple ways to improve client communication, you can use these strategies to improve your engagements today. From a boosting in-person experience to creating posts to engage with customers, you’ll be building relationships and skyrocketing sales in no time.

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