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How to Make a Fragrance Last Longer

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The impression you make in the business world has a lot to do with how you dress and how you present yourself in public. And a big part of your personal presentation is the fragrance you choose, as well as learning to make it last.


If you’ve already found your perfect eau de parfum, it’s natural that you want it to last as long as it can. Fortunately, there are some ways to make a fragrance stay with you for hours. Yes, it’s true. Throughout the day, you can actually feel a fragrance developing its notes—from the base, through the heart, to your head.

Choosing a Fragrance

Choosing a fragrance is not easy, considering the diversity of products available on the market. The sense of smell gets numb after checking a few perfumes. After that, it becomes difficult to differentiate the notes. Also, you may not stumble across the most suitable products during your first shopping rally. That’s why it usually takes some time to find the perfect match.

How to Buy Fragrances

The best method of shopping for a fragrance can be divided into three steps:

  • Prioritize the notes you prefer, whether floral, fruity, foody, wooden, animalic, and make a preselection
  • Visit the shop in order to compare the few products (no more than five)
  • Order cosmetics online because, particularly with fragrances, you’ll find lower prices online

Choosing Between Eau de Toillette and Eau de Parfum

If you’ve already found your perfect fragrance, it’s worth knowing how to make the scent more durable. First, you should get familiar with the differentiation between perfume, eau de parfum, and eau de toillette. The first one is the strongest and most durable but also the most costly. Eau de parfum is an affordable alternative, with a 10-20 % concentration of essential oils. 

Eau de toilette is a weaker product, with a higher concentration of alcohol and a 5-10% level of essential oils. If you want your fragrance to last, eau de parfum will be a better choice. Eau de toilette is a variant that provides a refreshing dose of scent but lasts no longer than a few hours, which makes it impossible to develop the full range of notes.

Making Your Perfume Last Longer

There are ways to make your perfume’s scent last longer, regardless of which type of fragrance product you’ve chosen. The first tip that you should stick to is applying perfume in the right place. Put it in the warmest places of your body. There, the fragrance develops in the best way. Apply it on the wrists, the back of the neck, behind the ears, in the groin area. It’s also worth putting a little bit on your hair.

To maintain the smell, consider putting it on a greasy base. You can apply some oil with no noticeable scent or a very tender one, such as sweet almond oil or refined coconut oil. You can also use petroleum jelly or some emollients that don’t contain any fragrances. That’s the best way to prolong the scent. Note that a fragrance stays longer on hydrated skin, so it’s worth paying attention to that.