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How to Choose the Best Commercial Cleaner

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It couldn’t be more important to have a clean, professional-looking commercial space. And you’ll find the best people for the job with a commercial cleaner, who will come in regularly to give the place a once-over.

Whether your business is an office or a restaurant, the need for cleanliness still applies across all industries. Professional cleaners will schedule periodic deep cleans of key areas, as well as regularly cleanings. This will ensure your business gives the right first impression to your customers.

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Here’s our advice on how to choose the best commercial cleaner.

Cleaner Type: Commercial or Domestic

There’s a huge difference between domestic cleaners and commercial cleaners. While both are undoubtedly skilled at their jobs, if the property isn’t a residential one then only a commercial cleaner should be tasked to clean it.

Commercial cleaners have different skill sets, such as how to use industrial machinery and chemicals. Therefore, they are more aware of the health and safety implications that come with cleaning a commercial space. They may also specialize in cleaning areas such as flooring buffing, commercial kitchens, or window cleaning.

Flexible Schedule

Ideally, cleaning should take place when your staff have gone home. That’s both to minimize any disturbances to their work and to allow a commercial cleaner to be able to fully cover all the space.

Large, disruptive or potentially hazardous tasks should take place outside of office hours. So find a commercial cleaning company that works with your schedule. Maker sure you are both on the same page. This would be easier if the company would use a cleaning scheduling software.

Tools and Equipment for Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning tools and equipment are a step up from anything you’d normally clean with at home. The humble duster still has some use, of course. But in general, commercial cleaners use multi-purpose carts that make the job a lot more efficient.

When it comes to deep cleaning areas such as carpets, kitchens, or washrooms, a professional commercial cleaner will likely rely on steam cleaning. If in doubt, your commercial cleaning company should be able to advise you what machinery they use and if it’s suitable for your building or not.

Low Staff Turnover

As with any business, it’s always a great sign when a company’s staff stay put rather than having new people constantly coming and going. To ensure consistency, ask the cleaning company to assign the same rotation of cleaners to your building.

Otherwise, you’ll have to keep explaining what you need, and there could be some inconsistencies with the overall standard of cleaning you receive.

Quality Assurance

The customer is always right, and this is certainly true when it comes to how clean you require your commercial space to be once the workers have finished their job. Depending on the scope of the job, there may be a manager who oversees the cleaning on site.

At the very least, someone should be checking that the job has been completed to a high standard. If you have any grievances, the cleaning company should remedy this by offering you a free cleaning next time.

Summing Up: Choosing a Commercial Cleaner

The above is just a snapshot of how to choose the best commercial cleaner. Ultimately, you want a team that is dedicated and professional. They should arrive on time, have a great attitude, and be willing to go the extra mile so that your commercial premises are left sparkling clean by the time they’ve finished.