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Moving Offices During a Pandemic? It’s Actually a Good Idea

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Moving offices can be stressful at the best of times. So why should you move in the middle of a pandemic? Surprisingly, the benefits of doing so are plentiful.

Taking on the challenge of relocating is no mean feat, but the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that businesses need to evolve in order to survive. Meet this challenge head on, and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds. Here’s why moving offices in the middle of a pandemic is actually a good idea.


Improve Your Pandemic Safety by Moving Offices

Modern offices tend to be cramped and overcrowded. Office workers sit closely together so that the business can make the best use of the space and maximize profit. However, in a pandemic setting, this closed-off layout has proven to be deadly.

As revealed in this Emerging Infectious Diseases study, one call center in South Korea became inundated with COVID-19-positive cases. The majority of these cases—up to 90%—were focused in the most densely populated section of the office.

But moving offices during a pandemic can open up your workspace. An open workspace is a safe one. Ventilation and sanitation are the first lines of defense against infectious droplets. Relocate by moving your office to a space where cleaning rotations are frequent, touch-free technology is popular, and workers can easily maintain social distancing.

These offices aren’t difficult to find. Consider flexible workplaces in London from BE Offices. With high-quality fit-outs and massive amounts of open space, you can make the best of the lingering COVID-19 era by staying safe.

Boost Your Productivity

The regimented nature of cubicles can make your employees feel like worker bees. In other words, they can become worn thin and burned out. In fact, a study reported by the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin discovered that a “pathogen threat made dense social environments seem more crowded.” 

This feeling of crowding generated more negativity toward these environments. If your employees feel cramped and discontent in their current office space, how can they focus on their work?

Overcome these barriers to productivity by relocating to an open environment full of natural light.


Moving Offices Will Bring Back Your Team Spirit

Quarantine has called for an unprecedented rise in remote working. Although the benefits of remote working are undeniable, it can often make your company feel like a “fleet of freelancers.” Indeed, the surge of virtual collaboration is good and bad in equal measure.

Moving into a new office space can revive the collective spirit of your team and bond your colleagues once more. A flexible workspace is sure to improve your company culture. Maintaining camaraderie in a pandemic is hard work, but certainly doable.

Enjoy a Prime Location for a Fraction of the Cost

The pandemic has pushed people to their limits, both financially and mentally. But you can make the move to a more sustainable workspace and preserve your business. When it comes to flexible workplaces in London from BE Offices, you can enjoy all-inclusive pricing and choose from various locations across the UK capital. There’s no reason for you to delay moving office, as many different benefits can come with such a move.