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5 Big Business Problems Solved by the Cloud

If you are wondering how the cloud can benefit your company, consider the following common business problems that cloud computing can solve.


The ability to solve problems is easily the most important skill for any business leader. Every organization has more than its fair share of difficulties, complications, obstacles, and setbacks. And finding solutions is the key to keeping a business alive, let alone thriving.

Fortunately, there is one solution that resolves a number of issues: the cloud. If you are wondering how the cloud can benefit your business, consider the following common problems that cloud computing covers:

Business Mobility

If the COVID pandemic taught businesses anything, it should be that most workers can do their job effectively and efficiently from just about anywhere. Thanks to this realization, many businesses are drastically downsizing their office spaces. In fact, many are encouraging much of their workforce to punch in from home. This gives workers greater autonomy, thereby raising morale. Additionally, it can radically reduce problems with escalating business expenses, too.

However, before a business can gain such mobility, it needs solutions that allow workers to communicate and collaborate online. These solutions, without exception, utilize the cloud. Thus, businesses interested in entering the post-COVID landscape with a mobile workforce need to adopt cloud services, stat.

Data Security and Recovery

Contrary to popular belief, the digital space harbors plenty of threats to business data. Servers can crash, the power can go out, cyber criminals can attack, and employees can seek revenge (or display ineptitude). All of these problems could damage digital information and set your business back.

Fortunately, the cloud offers just as many ways to protect business data. By storing information on the cloud, businesses make it much more difficult for that data to become irrevocably compromised. Though the cloud isn’t without its own risks to security, it tends to be much safer than a handful of servers and your own limited IT team. Plus, you can invest in cloud security solutions for even more peace of mind.


Tech Scalability

If you are like most business leaders, one of your problems is that you don’t expect your company to stay this size forever. Likely, you anticipate major growth for your startup. This means regular change to how your business functions over time. Any technology you invest in today should be able to keep up with your rate of change. Otherwise, you will expend unnecessary time and energy searching for different solutions at every stage of growth.

Fortunately, there is no end to the scalability of the cloud. Every good cloud provider offers tiers of support, so you can find the exact services you need today and effortlessly scale up or down as you see fit. Compared to a server, which has a hard limit to its capability, the cloud is as adaptable as an elastic band.

Long-Term Costs

The alternative to investing in the cloud is investing in an assortment of other hardware and software solutions. It might be tempting to think that buying a roomful of servers and a bevy of application licenses will save your business money over time, because you won’t have the problem of paying a monthly subscription fee. But in truth, the cloud is a much better option for long-term savings.

Hardware will depreciate in value rather rapidly. What’s more, both hardware and software will require regular maintenance, ideally from an on-site team. What’s more, hardware and software are essentially inflexible. This requires you to abandon old solutions and invest in brand-new ones as your business grows and changes.  If you don’t have the resources to keep a large IT staff happy and if you anticipate flexibility to be of great importance in your business, you are better off using the cloud.

Plus, the cloud essentially eliminates the need to upgrade your network. Network upgrades are time-consuming and resource-intensive, both of which indicate high expenses. Because cloud providers upgrade their own networks with the latest and greatest tech and security, you can avoid this costly headache forever by migrating to the cloud.


The more problems resolved by a solution, the more important that solution is to a business. The cloud tends to solve the major problems listed above and many more with the help of IT consulting firms such as Lumos. . This is why so many businesses have taken advantage of cloud services for so many years. The sooner you begin adopting cloud solutions, the sooner your business can avoid unnecessary problems and gain success.