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Proper Care and Maintenance of Windows

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Business owners who own their own buildings must ensure to maintain their windows. The owner’s maintenance of windows not only affects the building’s aesthetics, but it also ensures the security of the property.


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Basic Tasks for Maintenance of Windows

Here are some of the basic tasks that business owners and homeowners have to consider for cleaning their windows.

Clean the Window Casements

If you have wooden windows, don’t try wiping them with a damp cloth. This is because this can cause the wood to rot. Instead, use a feather duster or a sponge to remove the dust and grime.

If you have aluminum casements, use a mild cleaning agent and warm water to clean the surface. Then wipe the casements off with a lint-free, soft washcloth. Make sure they dry off properly to prevent fading and rusting.

Clean the Window Glass or Panes

The glass panes are among the most difficult parts to clean. Streaks can appear whenever you wipe them. Use a mixture of vinegar and water instead of ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners. We recommend one part white vinegar to 10 parts warm water. This can help to prevent streaks from happening.

Wipe off dust and grime from the panes first using a microfiber cloth or a newspaper. Spray the solution onto the windowpanes. Wipe it down using a washcloth in an S-pattern to prevent streaks from forming. Use another dry cloth to wipe the glass after you’re done.

Check If the Rubber Sealants Are in Place

Use rubber foam insulation or a caulking agent to fill cracks or gaps on sealants. However, if the damage is too much, call a professional to replace the sealants.

Frequently Re-Stain and Re-Paint Window Frames and Casements

Wooden window frames and casements need to be frequently re-painted or re-stained to prevent moisture from permeating the wood. Ensure that you don’t rush the drying or curing process to get the best results.

Advanced Maintenance Tips

You may need the expertise of a window installation Toronto company for the more difficult tasks. Later on, you might be able to do these things yourself.

Lubricate Moving Components

When windows become difficult to move, remove grime and dust from the tracks using a soft-bristled brush or a sponge. Use a silicone lubricant to coat the tracks. Then they will move better.

Patch Cracks, Holes, and Gaps

If you find cracks, holes, or gaps on your wood frames or casements, patch them up as quickly as possible. This is because, if left unchecked, these could prove to be a huge problem. Remove the bad wood using a screwdriver or an awl. Use a putty epoxy to fill the gaps. Once that has dried, smooth the covered area using sandpaper. You can then cover the space up with the requisite paint or stain.


Window Maintenance Keeps Your Building Safe

Try not to think of window maintenance as a hassle but as a periodic activity that will keep your building safe and energy-efficient.