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It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to attract and retain customers in our day and age of almost infinite diversity and constant change. The market never ceases to offer innovations and regular updates of the already existing goods and services, entertaining consumers with the diversity of options in the meantime. In fact, consumers have begun to value diversity for its own sake, and yet expect simplicity and convenience at the same time. In this article, we’ll discuss omnichannel customer service from txt.me as the most advanced way of keeping the customer satisfied, with minimal costs for the company.

The only way to ensure customer satisfaction and retention is to engage in multichannel commerce that offers potential customers a choice of sales routes, such as online, mobile app and physical venues, for example, and to provide a number of payment methods too.

“Txt.me omnichannel software is a customer retention live chat platform that works by integrating multiple communication channels into a seamless and uninterrupted conversation flow with your customers.”


B2B Omnichannel Trade

Business-to-business (B2B) trade refers to the processing of all sales transactions digitally instead of relying on the traditional resources, such as telephone, e-mail, and actual sales personnel in the shops. B2B definitely reduces costs as the company doesn’t have to employ large staff or rent as many physical venues.

Modern day business and shopping has a tendency to relocate to the Internet. So, it becomes crucial to be able to offer potential buyers some online options of discovering the company’s products, selecting the ones they want to buy, and completing purchase transactions via some electronic payment gateways. The brick-and-mortar trade, however, is still in demand. So, it should be integrated into the total trade system as well.

This is what B2B multichannel trade essentially refers to. The omnichannel format strives to integrate all the existing channels between the merchant and the buyers into a seamless and unified trade system. The system becomes convenient for the customers by offering them a diverse yet simple shopping experience. It also makes the company’s work more expedient by optimizing the back-end operations. Besides, it helps increase customer loyalty and retention by providing adequate online customer support too.

Pros of Omnichannel Commerce

All the aspects mentioned above definitely help achieve greater customer satisfaction. So, we may think of B2B omnichannel trade as very effective customer retention software:

  1. The entire shopping experience is integrated and simplified for the sake of the buyers’ convenience. This gives this format serious advantages over its traditional counterparts.
  2. Both parties save a lot of time and effort this way. Besides, the reduced costs for the company enable the merchant to offer lower prices too.
  3. The merchant acquires access to a much larger market, with the possibility of reaching out to an almost infinite number of customers.
  4. The likelihood and the rates of sales are significantly increased by offering buyers a variety of shopping and payment methods.


Keys to Customer Satisfaction

Creating good and functional customer retention software requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. Basically, it has to satisfy the following conditions:

  • A large number of appropriate tools to maintain and coordinate all the existing channels, such as the merchant’s webpage and applications, physical venues, and online social media networks, among others.
  • Intelligent integration of the internet resources, brick-and-mortar retail management, enterprise resource planning, electronic marketing tools, and customer lifetime value.
  • Effective unification of all the marketing, sales, and payment channels and methods available to a particular company.
  • Provision of appropriate, efficient, and continuous communication channels between the merchant and the clients, as well as responsive online customer support.
  • Continuous access to the company’s services, products, and all the necessary information across the multiple channels.
  • Maximum security for all sensitive data by means of a high-level SSL encryption technology.
  • Conveniently optimized and economical design of the back-end interface.

Few trading companies, other than omnichannel, possess all the necessary skills and software. So, the most common practice is to outsource the job to special platforms that charge for their services. This investment is worth making tough, as it helps bring the company to a much higher level and a wider scope of operation and secures better customer retention. It also reduces the costs that would have to be incurred in cumbersome multichannel trade.

Effective Customer Retention Model

Several models of retaining customers’ loyalty have been presented. However, the choice largely depends on a merchant’s individual style, particular circumstances of the market, and the type of trade and products. Nevertheless, most of them agree on and incorporate the following general strategies with the help of omnichannel.

Intelligent Price Manipulation

Setting an ideal price is a tricky business indeed. Yet, it’s one of the most important keys to commercial success. Damage caused by inadvertent errors may sometimes take years to rectify, or even have a lethal effect altogether.

Attractive Bonuses

Another way omnichannel helps retain customers is by thanking and enticing them with all sorts of lucrative promotions, attractive bonuses, and unexpected discounts. And the stimulus isn’t entirely financial; such presents make people feel special and personally significant for the company. Which is what loyal customers actually are, as a matter of fact.

Successful Advertising Strategy

Another crucial ingredient is a properly selected marketing strategy. Not only does the acquisition of new customers depend on it, but the retention of the loyal ones too. Regular customers tend to include the company into their own social image. However, advertising the enterprise in an inappropriate key may turn even the most loyal ones off and away.

Personalized Address

When customers receive offers addressed to them personally, preferably in their private inbox, it makes them feel at home. It also helps build their sense of the company’s cozy hospitality.

This group of strategies, which also includes considerate notification system and personalized feedback channel, is also a particularly good choice from the accounting perspective. These free tools improve customer retention.


A new restaurant has better chances in a busy city, where there’s a lot of competition, than in smaller towns. Similarly, high competition and diversity of shopping methods in the modern world increases each company’s chances to excel. By integrating the diversity, following basic guidelines for Omnichannel Customer Experience, and outsourcing technical jobs to specialized platforms, merchants can make shopping more convenient for their customers, reducing the costs of trade for themselves too.