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How Harbor Compliance Can Help Your Business

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If your ambition extends beyond simply launching an entity to also keeping it well-maintained, Harbor Compliance offers you an accessible and easy solution.

Their systematic approach can reduce the potential of inadvertent non-compliance, helping you sustain your company without having to go through time-consuming procedures.

Harbor Compliance reviews also point to their ability to help companies retain good standing, optimize internal operations, and increase cost-effectiveness.

What Does Harbor Compliance Do?

Harbor Compliance is a company that primarily specializes in business maintenance. This includes anything from business licensing to annual reports to compliance software support.

As an online LLC formation provider, they also have what they need to accomplish the task. For example, their business formation services cover the absolute basics of registration. Additionally, they offer some add-ons to help you commence operations right after you launch an LLC.

You can also find more about the company’s approach to managing your business or helping you start an LLC in the online Harbor Compliance review.

How Much Does Harbor Compliance Cost?

The company has two LLC formation packages. The first is a basic plan. Then they call the second option the “compliance package.” But mainly, the second package supports all the necessary features for your LLC registration. It basically expands upon the basic plan.

Their LLC prices are identical for all jurisdictions with the exception of the filing costs. For example, these costs are:

  • Formation: $399 + state fee
  • Compliance: $799 + state fee

But both plans include such basics as:

  • Name availability check
  • Articles of organization (prep and filing)
  • Assigning a registered agent at no extra charge for the first 12 months
  • EIN application
  • Custom operating agreement

This feature set will be enough to open an LLC. However, for a more detailed approach to business, Harbor Compliance offers an expanded plan detailed below.

What Should You Expect with LLC Formation?

As we mentioned before, Harbor Compliance focuses on the day-to-day management of businesses and nonprofits. Specifically, they specialize in everything that has to do with keeping an entity compliant with local, state, and federal requirements.

But what exactly does compliance entail?

Basically, after setting up an LLC, every owner must closely adhere to regulations that pertain to their specific business structure and their industry as outlined in the business law of their state of formation.

Additionally, regardless of your location, you will be expected to have an active registered agent in your employ at all times. You must also submit regular reports (annual or biennial), and file your tax return within the allocated time frame. Failure to meet any of these may lead to monetary penalties. In the worst cases, companies can even be dissolved by court order and their assets liquidated.

In some jurisdictions, you might also be expected to file initial reports at the very inception of your business. Initial reporting can essentially be viewed as an annual report except at the very beginning of your activities. This initial reporting acts as a statement of registration and contains all relevant information about ownership, agents, locations, and more.

There is also the tricky subject of publishing. For example, in states like Arizona, Nebraska, and New York, your entity will be rendered legal only after you’ve fulfilled the publication requirements.

Specifically, in Arizona and Nebraska, you must run your ad for three successive runs of one to two weeks each. In New York, on the other hand, your notice should appear in two publications within 120 days of the entity’s registration.

What Does Harbor Compliance Offer with Regard to Reporting?

Their compliance package is pretty extensive, especially concerning the more common features. It includes:

  • Initial report
  • Corporate tax election
  • Publication
  • Annual report subscription
  • Business kit
  • Unlimited support of compliance specialists

Some of their features are also available as separate services, including:

  • Business licensing
  • Registered agent
  • Annual reporting:
    • 1 year: $175
    • 2 years: $350
    • 3 years: $525
    • 5 years: $875
    • 10 years: $1,500
  • Foreign qualifications
  • Fundraising management (registration, renewal, etc.)
  • 501(c)(3) application for non-profits

Their LLC registered agent service is worthy of note for its flat rates. Harbor Compliance registered agent charge is $99 a year. However, if you purchase more than two years in bulk, you can get 5-10% off.

Another strong point of this LLC formation service provider is the extent of its maintenance support. Harbor Compliance Software gives you the opportunity to conduct your affairs in a more coordinated fashion.

More than 25,000 customers have chosen the company’s award-winning cloud-based software to regulate their entities. These companies use Harbor Compliance for services ranging from automatization, to record-keeping, to licensing, to tax management.



Each of the key aspects that make up your entity can be systematized and managed through the Harbor Compliance adaptable software. Its main points of interest are:

  • Entity management (database search, entity status check, etc.)
  • License control (application, renewal, etc.)
  • Tax maintenance on all three government levels
  • Document storage and management (ownership, minutes, LLC annual reports, etc.)
  • Registered agent communications and the ability to receive all correspondence through the app

As for pricing for each of these app managers, the company requests all interested parties to contact their sales or support departments. The information is available on the Harbor Compliance website.