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Business Manager Resume Writing Guide: What to Include

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A business manager plays an important role in the success of in any business. They create and implement essential business strategies. They are also responsible for guiding organizations to improve ROIs by monitoring sales, production, development, and marketing teams.

As such, a competent business manager resume should possess relevant interpersonal skills along with leadership, analytical, communication, and financial management skills. Let’s review what a strong resume should include with the help of a few leading business manager resume examples.

A business manager’s resume sends a strong message. It allows the hiring managers to know what they can do. Therefore, use these business manager resume examples and formats to come up with the best version of yours. Also, remember you can come across a countless of online resume writing examples, guides, and tools to help you refine the document and guarantee your job application.


Writing a Compelling Business Manager Resume

The initial step of writing a great resume is to understand the specific elements to include in a resume. Most professional resumes tend to follow a standard format while featuring the following sections:

  • Header of the resume
  • Summary or the personal statement of the resume
  • Employment history
  • Section including resume skills
  • Education section

With each section of the resume, you have some freedom to add a personal touch, especially in the summary section. However, if you wish to create a captivating resume, you should focus on the message you are sending along with the tone and style you are using for conveying a message. 

Before you finalize the resume and its cover letter, it is recommended to research the company in advance. Learn everything you can so your resume is capable of speaking directly to the hiring manager. As well as stating you are capable of understanding the company’s values and needs. 

When you create a company-targeted resume, it reveals to the hiring managers that you are willing to work for them, not just to do the job. As you start creating your business manager resume, here are some writing tips to know about:

  • Deliver the message directly to the hiring manager with the right tone and style for individual companies.
  • Analyze the given job listing and use relevant phrases and keywords for optimizing the overall chances of going through the screening of the Application Tracking System (ATS).
  • Choosing a proper resume layout and template for making a professional impression visually.


Using the Business Acumen for Scoring on the ATS

As a business manager, you are aware of the best strategies that will work towards growing the business. You can make use of the same strategies for improving the overall ranking of your business manager resume on the respective ATS. Before a recruiter or a hiring manager will have the opportunity to go through your document, a software-based algorithm will judge whether or not your document has the right traits to fullfil the respective job requirements. You can improve your chances by leveraging the skills that you already possess.

As you analyze the existing competition along with the needs of the market, you should also analyze the job description. Make a note of the essential skills and attributes that are listed in the given description. Try making use of the right phrases or words in the document to make the ATS understand that your document has all that is required for going to the next level.

Choosing the Right Resume Format 

If you wish to achieve success professionally as a business manager, you should pay attention to the format of the resume having a reverse chronological order. In the given resume format, you should make use of the employment history section for listing jobs. Start by listing the most recent ones, then advancing backwards. 

Optimizing the Resume Summary Section

The summary of the resume is the executive overview of your entire career. In the given section, you are going to sell the idea or product while drawing the attention of your audience with what is yet to come. You cannot serve as a successful manager unless you practice great communication. In this context, the resume summary serves to be the best section for showing off the same. The main idea in this section is explaining why you are the perfect fit for the given organization while improving profitability and productivity.

In this section, you can be slightly at ease for allowing yourself to specify the best and the biggest achievements of your professional career. Make use of one to two sentences to explain your individual business philosophy. Ensure that you include descriptive words telling your personality as a professional. The section will be at the top of the business manager resume. Therefore, you should aim to set the right tone and message from the start by imagining yourself delivering the report directly to the future head.

The best business manager summaries will involve much more than just describing your overall career. It should also include details your overall expertise and personality. 


Designing a business manager resume is an important task. Pay attention to the right details and create a compelling document to impress the hiring managers. Include all essential sections and make it a point to make it look as professional as possible. Lastly, make use of the best resume builder to come up with the finest results.