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3 Press Release Guidelines to Promote Your New Business

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It is essential for businesses to be in constant communication with their target audience. In this article, we are going to discuss the role of press releases. Press releases are normally written for various media outlets. However, the goal is to give journalists relevant, newsworthy information. You need to know how to make a proper press release so it fulfills its purpose and gets syndicated through the media channels you want.

Online press release marketing has become very successful in recent years. Companies like Cision have over 3,000 members, due to the strong demand for their services. Zach Hoffman, the founder of a leading digital PR agency, has stated that press releases have become critical for modern marketing. He states, “the growing thirst for topical information and interesting newsworthy content has caused press releases to become a natural outlet for SME brand building.”

What Is a Press Release?

Press releases are common in the field of corporate PR. The ultimate goal of a press release is to attract the attention of the media, so that they will spread its content. The more MCMs become interested, the greater the impact of the press release.

In the age of digital media, we have a wide range of options to share newsworthy information. Magazines, television channels, radio stations, web pages, and social networks are just some of the outlets that pick up press releases. 

How Do You Choose the Media That Best Suits Your Needs?

The first thing you have to do is to identify where your audience is located. The answer to this question will give you a better idea of the online media that you should target. The same applies if you choose traditional media such as radio, print, or television.

Although online media is not confined by traditional geographic boundaries, people still tend to segment themselves geographically when visiting various news portals. In this case, you will have to study the regional or local segmentation of our audience.

Now that we know which media we are interested in, it is time to start writing.

Types of Press Releases

Before we start writing our release, we need to know what type it belongs to. So, here are the different types of press releases you can use to promote your business

  • Product launch: This release promotes new products or services a company intends to offer. This kind of press release should be part of any good introductory marketing strategy. The visibility that the press gives to a business will make the new product more visible to the public.
  • Event announcement: Companies are constantly organizing fairs, conferences, award ceremonies, pop-ups and other events. Your communication in an MCM will achieve a greater participation, as well as a special coverage by the press.
  • Acknowledging a mistake: Public apologies are always well received by the audience, as long as they sincere and articulated correctly. When a brand is guilty of malpractice, it is important to correct it publicly as soon as possible. This will make the company management seem more human by demonstrating its ability to recognize and correct mistakes.


Steps to Write a Solid Press Release

Whether or not a press release gets published is always left to the media in question. The editors or producers at the media station will decide whether the text is published or not. Therefore, you need to write a press release in accordance with all the necessary guidelines to achieve its objective. So, your goal is to convince the MCM to publish and disseminate it. Here are some important elements of a solid press release:

1. A Powerful Title

This is the hook for the journalist to continue reading the content of your Press release. Therefore, it must be a catchy phrase that invites the journalist to read the whole text. Make sure the title is:

  • Eye-catching
  • Specific
  • Easy to understand
  • Written in active voice
  • Optimized for search engines

Businesses constantly bombard the media with requests to share information. For this reason, you need something really powerful to start your press release with.


2. The 6 W’s Rule

The text following the title must respond to the 6 W’s rule. That is to say:

  • What
  • Who 
  • When
  • Where
  • Why 
  • How

3. Structure of the Text

A press release should contain the date and the city in which it was created or to which the information corresponds. Then, include the headline, the body of the text, and a call to action with the signature of the person responsible for the brand would be introduced.

In this sense, the body of the text should be as explicit as possible. Remember that journalists don’t have much time to read hundreds of press releases. Make yours is attractive and concise. If the journalist would like to expand on this information, you can always do so by means of a personal or telephone interview. Finally, analyze the possibility of giving more weight to your press release by using photographs, graphics, infographics and videos.

Also, remember to always send your press release in the morning. This way, you will give journalists time to include it in their agenda for the day.