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5 Ideas for Getting Leads with Email Marketing and Automation

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Don’t know how to get your message out to your target audience? Here are five email marketing ideas that can help you capture lost leads.


How’s your customer retention rate going?

If you are losing leads, it’s possible your marketing campaigns might not be hitting the mark. The problem is that not many people know the importance of digital marketing. Gone are days when printing an ad in the newspaper would get your business plenty of footfall at your store. With the introduction of online stores, retail has gone digital. This is why you need to up your marketing game.

According to one study, the upside is that email marketing helps you generate high return on investment (ROI). On average, you earn $38 on every dollar invested. Moreover, many marketers say that it’s significant for customer loyalty.

One of the best things about email marketing services is that it encourages repeat purchases. Hence, you don’t have to rely on new customers. So, how about a killer email marketing campaign to build your list of loyal customers?

Let’s start:

The Email Series for the Abandoned Cart

Did you know that customers abandoned 81.4% of shopping carts online? That’s money slipping through your fingers! Basically, in such cases, the shoppers were interested to buy your products. They added them to the cart but didn’t proceed forward for different reasons.

The good news is that abandoned carts don’t mean you have lost your customers. Email marketing will remedy this situation. The idea is pretty simple: Since the customer has already given you all their details, you can now send them a reminder that their items are still waiting for them.

But wait a minute…. What if the customer still doesn’t come back? Then you can send another email and then another: a total of three. One more than this, and it will become annoying.

The emails should be sent in sequence and the content should be more about informing the customer rather than pushing them to make a purchase. However, if this email series proves successful, you should think about increasing the number of emails from three to five.

New Customer Onboarding

Customers like to feel special, and that means you need to give them extra attention. So how about taking your email series a step further? This email series is especially for new customers who are buying from you for the first time.

Send them introductory content so they can get to know you and your products or service better. Make sure to send them your contact information so they can self-serve their immediate problems and call you for the complex ones.

You can do all this at once through this email series. Here’s how your emails should be:

Email 1: Welcome the New Customer

Tell them about their product. Provide details about delivery times, such as when their purchased items will reach their doorstep. Share useful information with them via blog posts on how they can make the best use of their purchased product and so on.

Email 2: Check in with the Customer

Send an email three days later asking the customer how you can further assist them. Companies with a weak marketing strategy tend to not show much concern for customers after the purchase process has been completed. Contacting them after the transaction will show them how much you value your customers, and this will create an opportunity for future purchases.

Email 3: Inform the Customer That the Product Has Arrived

This is a simple email to thank the customer for shopping at your online store and choosing your business.

Email 4: Ask for Product Feedback

This email should be sent after the customer has received the product and used it. That way, they will be able to provide thorough feedback.

Email 5: Tell Them About a Promotion

Now that the customer has used the product, you can entice them to buy another product from the same category that you are offering at a discount for a limited time.

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Win-Back Campaigns

Not getting repeat customers?

In this situation, you need to deploy a win-back campaign. Let’s say that some of your loyal customers haven’t come back in while. It could be that they have stopped using your products or have had lifestyle changes.

You know what these customers like and their purchasing patterns. So entice them with an email that offers them exactly what they want. For example, a shampoo lasts around a month. If a customer bought a protein treatment shampoo from you and gave positive feedback for it, they will most likely be buying it from you again. So before the month ends, send them an email to remind them they need to refill their supplies or get another unit of your product. If possible, offer them a discount or do a sales promotion for such customers to make the purchase tempting.

Win-back campaigns can increase your ROI by a long margin if done correctly. They will help you see better profits in your Business Activity Statements (BAS) after you have submitted the necessary paperwork on BAS due dates.

Automatic Replies

No customer likes to wait for a response when they have lodged a complaint. The longer you take reply, the more the customer feels you are not taking them seriously. Since you can’t monitor your inbox all the time, you can set an automated email system.

Pick various responses to commonly asked questions so that customers know they have been heard. Make sure to reply to the complaint within 24 hours.

Reminders for Unfinished Form Registration

No matter how small a registration form, people abandon it immediately if they lose interest in the middle. Instead of creating one long form, divide your questions into three parts. The first part should ask for contact details, the second part should have eight to ten questions, and the third should ask for a detailed response. A customer is bound to fill the first part, which will get you the information you need. You can then use their email ID to send them a reminder that the form they started to fill still needs to be completed.


Rely on Automated Email Marketing to Win New Customers and Retain Current Ones

This is how automated email marketing helps you get new customers and retain them as well as win back past ones. You not only need to be creative with your content but also the way you deliver it because that’s how you increase your ROI.