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What to Learn from Netflix’s Marketing Strategy

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If you know what Netflix is, do you remember how you learned about it? Was it a friend telling you about it? Or did you learn about it from a social media ad? Whatever channel it was, Netflix is undoubtedly a global leader in strong marketing strategy. It has gained a substantial audience in this pandemic era, as Netflix’s subscriber base surpassed 74 million during this time.

The most magnificent movies on Netflix are ones that people have adored. They have great ratings, high demand in streaming, and are backed with proper subtitles and quality. Not only that, but Netflix’s content library also gets updated every month with new movies and shows. They also have their own production house that produces some of the best features of the 21st century.

You can stream Netflix at a price, but the real takeaway will come from the priceless lessons you can learn from Netflix. There is a lot to learn from Netflix, especially their marketing strategies that win hearts. In this article, we take you through Netflix’s marketing strategies and how effective those strategies have been in producing the customer base it has today.

1. Netflix’s Marketing Strategy Is Customer-Centric

If you think about the biggest asset of a business, it is not the product, the service, or the building. It is the customer base. Netflix takes another step further and becomes completely customer-centric. This helps Netflix know what qualifies as an improvement and what does not.

We have seen Netflix in action on their social channels and how they attempt to serve their audience by listening to them. Back in 2019, they had run a poll on whether Stranger Things should get another season or not. With 80% saying yes, Netflix tweeted an announcement afterward that the new season would soon start production.

While many businesses focus on being product-centric, Netflix lets its customers take the wheel.


2. Netflix’s Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy Connects with Offline and Online Viewers

In simple words, Netflix is everywhere. Not literally, but if you look at its social channels, you’ll see how its team consistently produces great quality and engages proudly with its audience. Social channels like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others have Netflix handles and none of them post generic stuff.

If we look at their post, it doesn’t feel like a page publicizing their newest release or feature. It feels more like a person sharing updates and content. Netflix Twitter differs so much from its other handles because different channels call for different strategies.

3. The Company Carries Out E-Mail Marketing at Its Finest

Who said email is dead? Not for many people who still check it. If you do have an email account, we suggest signing up for Netflix newsletters just for laughs. The emails they send out have the best of copywriting.

Each email is witty and is straight to the point. Again, the email doesn’t feel like one from an organization. People love to be talked to and not be sold, so Netflix adapts the language of a human and the e-mail does not have sales jargon or any template-styled text.

Email marketing has great potential to scale the audience and viewers. It is a marketing model that is heavily in demand and is responsible for bringing a great chunk of traffic.

4. Its Personalized Content Hooks the Audience

If you think about it, Netflix isn’t the only streaming giant. There’s also content from services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and more. What makes Netflix truly stand out is personalized content.

Those people who spend hours looking for something to watch know what I’m talking about. We don’t like scrolling through genres and subgenres for movies or shows. So, Netflix caters to that by bringing newer recommendation categories like “award-winning,” “tear-jerking,” “critically acclaimed,” “just for you,” and so on.

Netflix simply reduces the search hours, thereby increasing the streaming hours.

5. Netflix Uses Machine Learning for Marketing Purposes

The most important advent of the 21st century is machine learning (ML). ML has progressed to newer advances of automation, and Netflix uses such to personalize your experience. The orders of the show are based on the user’s interaction and activity.

The ML is even designed to change title covers based on the user’s interests. For example, someone who’s a fan of Dwayne Johnson will see a different cover of Red Notice as compared to someone who’s a fan of Ryan Reynolds or Gal Gadot. 

The company’s Vice President Yellin explains the ML integration as follows:

“If you click play nowadays in the streaming world, it tells volumes more information that is a lot less superficial than getting someone’s gender and age. If one version gets more people to watch the show, it may be incorporated across the whole service.”



Netflix’s marketing strategy just goes to show us the importance of pivoting and adapting to future trends. It also explains why they are and will continue to be the market leaders.