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Video content is more powerful than any other medium today, and video marketing is growing accordingly.

One poll found that 89% of video marketers feel it offers an exceptional ROI. Therefore, we will share some tips on how to create an online video marketing strategy that will allow you to increase conversion and sales in both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar businesses.

According to branding agency EWR Digital, a video by itself is not going to drive a user to action. The video has to be accompanied by a user-friendly ecosystem. Further, it must be optimized for the goals of the company if the goal is to generate more sales or better conversions.

Nonetheless, generating conversions from video marketing does not have to be complicated. You can generate high quality and creative pieces to fit in our different marketing strategies.

Here are three useful ways to incorporate video into your marketing strategy.

1. Go Beyond Transcription in Marketing with Multilingual Videos

You’ve made the investment to bring traffic to your website. You’ve developed a creative video or videos to showcase your product. What’s more, you sell in countries with different languages. Now it’s time to place the subtitles, right? Well, that might be a good idea, but have you considered that there are other alternatives that can boost conversions much better?

The truth is that nowadays there are more effective options that do not divide the attention between the image and the video texts. This is the technique Netflix itself uses so that people all over the world can enjoy any series in their own language.


Moreover, ecommerce businesses are now using this strategy to enhance user experience. The truth is that user experience is everything. If viewers can perceive the quality of your attention even in the smallest details, you will have gained their trust. This is where voice and multilingualism come into play.

When developing your video marketing strategy, it is important to show your content in the most approachable way possible. What’s more, you want to attract attention, especially when you are dealing with cold leads. But also, once you have it, viewers must feel the confidence to stay with you until the moment they decide to buy. Speaking in their native language is a very effective strategy.

2. Use Interactive Videos to Market Your Products or Services Effectively

Every day there is a new form of ecommerce, a new business model, and a new idea. They all converge in the digital world. The difference is that some pinch pennies while others are understand that they must follow an effective strategy even if it costs more. The latter are the ones who manage to get better results.

Moreover, smart companies develop an interactive space for implementing video marketing strategies. In this space, the customer can have everything in one place, in the same window within which they will take action. This is the same space where they can satisfy their curiosity and make comparisons among your products. Here they will learn about deeper benefits. Additionally, they can resolve their doubts and make a purchase, all while exercising their own active voice and receiving personalized advice. You can hire a professional video production company to further develop your video marketing strategies around your products or services.

This generates a profitable user experience and an efficient marketing model. In this model, your company will close more sales with higher price points. However, none of this is possible without a clear guide of where you want to go in your company. With a practical example you can see all of this in action in a video.


3. Use Video Marketing Focused on Testimonials to Increase Your E-Commerce Conversions

The time of testimonials in text is over. Let’s face it: How long has you known that testimonials with stock photos are as bogus as flat earth theories? This type of marketing no longer engenders trust. That is, unless you have a volume of comments that are also tremendously genuine.

On the other hand, more realistic commentary does build trust. Then, what if we add a video format to that realistic commentary? Indeed, make it a commentary from recurring customers who can explain the benefits of your product or service from their point of view.

We suggest you turn the screw a little more and get to know a top option: What if you create an automated and interactive video marketing strategy that is a testimonial production machine? What if it were a space where all your customers could have the opportunity to say something good about you and somehow feel rewarded by the brand. How does that sound?

In the end, testimonial video marketing will continue to evolve. Additionally, a well-defined onboarding and loyalty strategy will allow your brand to chart a clear path to your customer’s trust. All of this will open up new possibilities when it comes to generating valuable video testimonials. Finally, a strategy such as this will boost conversions and strengthen your business.