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Employee Feedback Is Crucial for Improving Productivity

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Obtaining employee feedback is a crucial but often underrated tool in a company’s HR arsenal.

By actively inviting employee feedback and understanding key challenges within an organization, it is possible to build a positive culture of trust and empowerment. This naturally leads to an increase in employee engagement.

Motivated employees who are emotionally invested in their job and feel part of something worthwhile are always going to be more productive than employees who are not engaged. Those who are not engaged often “quiet quit” (click here to learn more about that), and only contribute to the bare minimum of tasks. It can be rewarding for employees to feel they have the potential to perform at the best of their ability for their company.

Moreover, research has shown that organizations with engaged employees are roughly 20% more profitable than those with disengaged employees.

The Wide-Ranging Effects of Employee Engagement

As well as increased productivity, people who are part of an engaged workforce are less likely to leave for another job. This means an organization will enjoy improved staff turnover rates.

Engaged employees also speak positively about your organization. When they do, this improves the quality of candidates applying for a job. It can also lead to the acquisition of new customers.

Employee engagement, as it flows naturally from employee feedback, can also help improve and strengthen your employer brand and increase profitability.


How Organizations Can Drive Positive Change with Employee Satisfaction Surveys

You can improve employee engagement and empower your workforce by providing them with an easy-to-use platform to provide feedback about their experiences. This encourages discussion around key topics in your organization.

Using employee surveys to obtain feedback will lead to greater understanding of the factors that provide employee satisfaction. You can then better understand how best to drive positive change.

Such measures can also give your organization a benchmark to monitor improvements against. This is especially true if you institute changes as a result of a employee feedback.

Employee satisfaction surveys can cover a wide range of topics. For example, you can find out how staff members feel about hybrid working, company values, and business strategy. Additionally, you can gain insight around IT infrastructure as it affects employee engagement as well as provisions in the office.

It can also help employers understand issues around employee well-being, diversity, and inclusion. Or, importantly, you can find out why staff are leaving the company.

Given the move toward hybrid or full-time remote work, obtaining employee feedback will be invaluable to employers. This is especially true during periods of change. It will also help teams feel closer together, irrespective of their location.

Once you have obtained relevant feedback from employees, it’s important to ensure your workforce knows that you are listening to them. It is even more important that they understand you will act on their feedback.

Acknowledging and acting on employee opinions increases trust, respect, and loyalty. The aim should be to inspire staff to understand the organization’s wider goals and become advocates for the business mission. People thrive when they come together for a common purpose.


How WorkBuzz Can Help Organizations Obtain Employee Feedback

WorkBuzz is an easy-to-use and intuitive employee engagement platform that allows employers to gather real-time insights from employees.

The platform helps organizations to manage change and improve workplace culture and productivity. You can tailor the content of surveys to your organization by issuing surveys on a regular basis or ad hoc, as you prefer.

Furthermore, survey results are presented in a clear, intuitive manner. You can download them to PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF. Finally, you won’t need to manually read and digest numerous text comments, either. This is because WorkBuzz quickly converts these into actionable insights with a sentiment analysis algorithm.