How Your Company Can Reach Its Net Zero Targets

How Your Business Can Reach Its Net Zero Targets

Featured image by Francesco Scatena

Countries around the world are striving to hit new environmental goals, including net zero targets. In tandem, pressure is also mounting for businesses and individuals to bring their carbon footprints down.

Net zero is one aspect of carbon neutrality. In simple terms, if your home or business has reached its net zero targets, you have reduced carbon emissions to a minimum. The term “net zero” also implies a variety of actions to help reverse climate change.

A shift to remote working has made a big dent in carbon emissions worldwide. But many businesses are still failing to reach their own net zero goals, even while they resist making the changes that would bring them closer to their goals.


There are plenty of incentives that can help companies implement the necessary changes, however. No company, and no individual, needs to take on the monumental task of reversing climate change alone.

If you’re the owner of a small business, you might feel as if global carbon neutrality is too much for you to take on, given everything that you already do just to run your business. But no one company or individual has to make every change all at once and all by themselves. In this article, we share how your business can reach its own net zero goals more easily.


Workplace Incentives Can Help Your Company Reach Its Net Zero Targets

The simplest and most effective way of getting closer to your net zero goals is to offer your employees incentives to make changes to their ways of working.

Many businesses introduced carpooling incentives even before the pandemic began. Work-from-home plans have become the norm in many companies since that time. If these ways of working does not work for your employees or your business model, think about implementing flexible work schedules.

Consider changing your company’s dress code for the colder months so you can cut down on your heating bill. You could also ease up on company dress codes during the summer months and save on cooling your building.

Another idea is to provide incentives for employees who wish to purchase electric vehicles. You could even invest in charge points, making it easier for individuals to use electric vehicles for their work commutes.

Promote these ideas throughout your company’s workforce and encourage employees to reduce their individual carbon footprints, too. As the owner of the business, be sure to set a positive example by making changes to your own ways of living and working.

Use a Variety of Tools to Reach Your Net Zero Goals

There are some great tools online that can help. For example, you can connect with the United Nations Net Zero Pathways program to learn new ideas, find inspiration, and discover new tools for reaching your goals.

This is a great way to align your goals with those of entire countries around the world. It can help you begin to understand the path forward for net zero globally—and locally for yourself and your company.

As this global project unfolds, new leaders will emerge. New ideas will take root and flourish, bringing new tools to light and making them more available to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. Over time, as developing strategies are tried and discarded, creative minds all over the planet will be hard at work in efforts to ensure that the entire world reaches its net zero goals.

Implement a Plan and Seek Assistance

So pick up and use the tools you find. Share them with others. Measure your progress by keeping track every step of the way.

You will soon understand that there is much to learn and much to do. Try not to let it overwhelm you. Your enthusiasm for reversing climate change will be key to ensuring that everyone everywhere meets their net zero goals in time.

And remember: You don’t need to make all these changes all at once. Gradual but steady progress will lead to more lasting changes over time.