CRM Automation Integrations for Your Sales Process in 2022

7 CRM Automation Integrations for Your Sales Process in 2022

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Leveraging CRM sales automation integrations is a great first step toward understanding your leads and your sales process in ways that help you resonate with your prospects.


As a business aspires to generate more revenue, the sales team is slammed with work and never-ending to-do lists. However, tools and software designed to automate repetitive daily tasks can help your sales team be more productive. This is because these tools free up more time so your team can focus on crucial tasks that need attention to detail.

In fact, leveraging CRM sales automation integrations is also a great first step toward Product-led User Growth (PLuG). This method can aid you in understanding your leads and sales process in ways that help you resonate with your prospects. Here are seven useful, feature-rich CRM automation integrations that can add more efficiency to your sales process in 2022.


DevRev is an ideal automation integration tool. This is especially the case if your focus is to adopt a product-led growth strategy for your business. This is because it is an API-first dev-centric CRM that uses data, machine intelligence, and design to help grow your business.

This platform lets you connect with your customers through your product by providing product insights. You can easily visualize the microservices and APIs that power your capabilities and features. This feature gives you access to useful insights and metrics so you can remain aligned with your goals.


Zoho is one of the sought-after sales automation tools. It can help you complete several sales-related tasks, such as scheduling sales appointments, updating sales opportunities, automating data entry, and a range of operational tasks.

The sales force automation tool has several features. For instance, these include lead management, account management, macros, workflow rules, sales analytics, and forecasting, among others. These features and functions can help you streamline your sales processes and optimize outcomes.

This in turn leads to improved conversions and revenue. Featuring an interactive dashboard, it gives you access to comprehensive reports and analytics that help you make crucial marketing and sales decisions.


Among the most popular customer relationship management platforms in 2022 is Salesforce, which makes it easier to manage your sales operations.

Its valuable features, such as the automation of lead activity tracking, auto-assigning tasks based on the movement of leads through the sales funnel, and enabling data collection for your marketing campaigns, help optimize your overall sales process.

Basically, you can have a better understanding of your clients and customers, which helps you implement effective marketing strategies.


Leadfeeder is a web intelligence tool that helps you save your precious time by automating various sales activities. For example, it helps you find information about potential prospects who visit your website and provide no contact details.

Further, it gives you information about the engagement of your leads with your site and allows you to store their information. You can integrate all this crucial information with your CRM software.


You can learn more about your audience whenever you need to with the help of this powerful sales automation software tool.

Clearbit provides you with real-time lead data by searching and retrieving the information. For example, it can search for information such as industry, job title, company, and more. Then you can easily use these insights to develop personalized marketing messages for reaching out to your prospects.


Winmo makes it possible for you and your sales team to dedicate more time and resources to prospects who are more likely to convert into customers. You can determine patterns and common qualities between your leads and target your prospects using filters. This helps you to come up with marketing messages that are more appealing to your leads.


You can use CRMROI to measure your current ROI and track crucial information about your potential and current customers. When you leverage this agile automation tool, it helps you track the lifecycle of your leads through different buying stages, all the way from awareness to purchase. You can use this information to manage your sales pipeline. Also rely on it to help you implement effective strategies that enable you to close more deals.



With countless automation integrations available for sales processes today, the tool you opt for will depend on your needs. Be sure to choose one with features that are useful to you. Also, pick one that is kind to your budget.

Additionally, keep in mind that customers have more options today. They are more aware of researching products and services before making a purchase.

Ultimately, businesses have to level up. They must work on their sales process to better understand their potential customers. Sales automation tools make this a seamless process. They do this by automating several tasks, providing more insight into leads and prospects and allowing teams to integrate crucial data with their CRMs.