Door to Door Avon Style: In Africa

What if every time people came up with a new product, they also had to devise a completely new way to sell it?


Could Ethopia Become The Breadbasket of Africa

But what if, despite the poor rainfall, Ethiopia stopped importing thousands of tons of foodstuff and attempted to reverse the trend?


In Nigeria Everyone Has 2+ Cell Phones

If you must make a call to anybody’s mobile phone in Nigeria, you need to be understanding and patient – it can be a very frustrating and annoying experience.


Urine Powered Generator

1 Liter of urine gives you 6 hours of electricity.

Prize Winning African Entrepreneurs To Watch: Yaw Duffour-Awuah

As a boarding student in a Ghanaian high school, Yaw Duffour-Awuah discovered that several of his classmates who lived several hundred miles away were regularly unable to travel home for brief holidays due to lack of funds.

Prize Winning African Entrepreneurs To Watch: Diana Mong’are

When Diana Mong’are became tired of the ever-growing trash piles in her community, she decided to do something about it.

Prize Winning African Entrepreneurs To Watch: Andrew Mupuya

In 2008 the Ugandan government announced that it was considering a ban on the use of polythene plastic bags.


Zimbabwe Needs Its Own SBA

“Capital is a key ingredient and major handicap to entrepreneurship ventures.

African Inventors: Part 2

In Ghana we have a unique inventor named Apostle Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, who successfully manufactured electrical drums, loud speakers, mixing consoles, amplifiers, preamps, and 7-stringed bass guitars.

African Inventors: Part 1

Let us first visit Cameroon, where a group of 10-year old kids crafted a remote-controlled “car” from recycled products such as old flip-flops, pieces of wood, rubber, and cans.