African Inventors: Part 1

Inventors exist all over the world. has compiled a list of inventors found within the country. This is just the first half of many innovative people featured.

Let us first visit Cameroon, where a group of 10-year old kids crafted a remote-controlled “car” from recycled products such as old flip-flops, pieces of wood, rubber, and cans.

In Kenya, … we have Mr Peterson Mwangi. With a passion for physics, he created a system that allows him to remotely control his car. Indeed, he is using simple SMS commands to move and even track his car by distance.

Mr. Simon Mwaura … created a system that controls different features in his house including, but not limited, to the opening and closing of the doors, the lights, the coffee machine, and more. The theory is simple: every feature is connected to a main system and accessed by a mobile call.

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