Yahoo Tech:

Despite the public shame of driving around with a cell phone jammed against your face and the growing number of laws against it, people just can’t stop dialing and driving, it seems. Could the next step be technology that actually disables your cell phone while you’re on the road?

A Canadian outfit called Aegis Mobility proffers this new system, called DriveAssist, which stops calls while your car is in motion. It doesn’t block calls through any sort of electromagnetic shielding or jamming system, it’s actually considerably simpler: When your car is moving, the system simply tells your wireless carrier to hold incoming calls and texts and blocks outgoing messages as well. When you stop, the calls come through normally. The advantage to such a system vs. a crude jammer is that your caller receives a notice that you’re on the road and unable to receive calls, rather than just going to voice mail automatically.

At least one insurance company says it will offer discounts of up to 10 percent for customers who use the program. Save money and maybe save lifes, too?

Photo by Indiana Stan.

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