As the owners of Water Impressions found out, the bottle is worth more than the water:

The company, originally called Tennessee Branch Water, started out as a five-gallon bottle and cooler service that they purchased from its retiring owner. The Grahams had been customers of the water service for several years. They decided to buy the distribution rights from the owners, but they realized within a year that they could fill a niche in custom-labeled, half-liter bottles.

“We thought, ‘Well shoot, if we can put our label on it, we can put anybody’s logo and label on it,’” Debbi Graham said.

They now estimate that nearly 80 percent of their annual revenue is generated from the sales of cases of bottled water printed with a company or organization’s logo.

What is custom labeling? They explain:

Custom labeling with Water Impressions allows businesses and organizations to advertise through a high-quality product that increases their public exposure and explores alternative revenue sources. You provide the logo and color scheme and our designers will quickly create a custom label for your company or organization. Some businesses offer the water as a complimentary gift to clients while others sell the water to immediately increase revenues. Either way, custom labeling with Water Impressions is a valuable, innovative advertising opportunity.

If your company already offers bottled water, why sell water with someone else’s logo? For just a few more pennies, or in some cases for the same amount, you can sell water with your logo and business information. Many businesses that offer bottled water that is not selling well have found their bottled water business skyrockets with custom labeling.

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