Niche Invention: Bheestie Bag

Karen Wildman and Lisa Holmes were constantly battling malfunctioning electronics due to moisture and water damage. The sisters set out to invent a solution. and they did! Their new product, Bheestie Bag, is designed to ‘dry out’ electronic devices: cell phones, iPods, etc. We previously mentioned them here.

Here’s how it works. You simply take the electronic device, turn it off, drop it in the Bheestie Bag and zip seal it tight. You can do it overnight, or immediately after an ‘accident.’ It contains powerful water absorbing beads that physically bond with the water, holding it inside of them. It pulls the moisture out! The bag can last up to a year for everyday use or less if used for extreme soaking.

I recently had a chance to ask the sisters some questions.

Where’d the idea come from?

Karen had the initial idea. Her son’s Gameboy got wet and she had some experience with trying to keep her hearing aids dry (she has a hearing loss). She applied that knowledge to the gameboy and that was the beginning of Bheestie. We both grew up in Oregon – skiing, water sports and general outdoor activity was a huge part of our family’s life. Lisa’s married, 2 children, a triathlete and her education/work background is in business/accounting. Karen is married, 3 children, and is a nurse. We both love exploring new innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Where can you buy the Bheestie Bag?

Bheestie has been available online for about 2 years now. We sell it on our website for $20. Its also available in REI, online and in their stores. We are in other retail stores via our distributor.

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