Holy Smoke: Bullet Urns



Saying a final goodbye to your loved ones is always the toughest, as your head and heart pour them out to the person deceased. Hence, it is befitting that we make the last journey as memorable as possible.

If U.S. based Holy Smoke is to be believed, it can be done perfectly well with bullets!

In this new method of dispensing your loved ones ashes, a pound of your loved remains are stuffed inside bullets, which you can later use to shoot off using a gun! And if that isn’t enough, you could also order especially handcrafted and labeled decorative boxes, which shall be storage of these bullets and cartridges. For a sum of $1250, you can get yourself 250 shot shells, 100 rifles cartridges or even 250 pistol cartridges. For the wooden box, you would have to shell out an additional $100 apiece.

Photo by Milosz Bartoszczuk/ShutterStock.

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