Black Dawg Sealcoat

If we want to get the most benefit out of our driveway, we need to make sure it receives the proper care it needs. To do that, we need to make sure cracks are plugged, and the pavement is properly sealed. While someone with enough time and the right tools might be able to do the job, Black Dawg Sealcoat can do it for those who don’t.

Black Dawg Sealcoat provides crack sealing, sealcoating, and line striping services. A sealcoated driveway is also protected from various gas or oil spills, and it can approve its appearance.

If you think the service sounds attractive, you may also be equally attracted to their franchise opportunity. Franchisees can make money by offering this service to residential and commercial customers. As they become more comfortable working on residential projects, more commercial jobs may open up. The opportunity to turn this into a money-making business is huge.

A Black Dawg Sealcoat franchise offers a variety of benefits. From low fees to comprehensive support, they are there to help you succeed.

Low Fees and Royalties – Our Franchise System is designed around you. Our Royalty Rates are some of the lowest around and, with our low Franchise Fees starting at just $4975, our concept is a terrific value.

800 Call Center – Something truly unique about our System is our 800 Call Center. At no charge to you (no charge for the phone lines or staff), we take the initial calls from your customers on your behalf and our friendly staff will pre-screen and pre-sell our services for you. You and your customers need not worry about playing phone tag just to request a quote!

Website – We think we’ve got one of the finest websites in the service industry – not only in terms of visuals and user-friendliness, but it also produces results and leads for you. You’ll have your own page on our website and you’ll be generating leads – even while you sleep! We engage experts in web design and search engine optimization/marketing to keep the leads coming.

Marketing – Think of us as your on-call Marketing Department. We manage your Google Ad Words Campaigns, your Email Marketing Campaigns and assist with all other advertising, marketing and PR efforts. Social marketing is the next big thing and we will be leading the way in our industry. You couldn’t possibly hire an outside expert to perform all these functions for you for as little as we charge for royalties.

Professional Training – We provide professional, hands-on training for your crews. Your staff will have the expertise they need to shine above the competition.

State-of-the-Art Equipment – This is not a squeegee and bucket operation. Our equipment is highly productive, helping to keep your labor costs down.

The franchisee fee is $4,975, not including royalty fees.

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