Japanese Salon Has Gone To The Dogs

Cut Green dog

Japan Trends:

Green Dog is a center for holistic life, situated in the upscale Tokyo Mid Town district, among high class restaurants, designer shops and museums. The objective of the center is to create a “joyful life with your partner (the dog)”. In order to achieve that Green Dog offers a wide variety of holistic treatments, including a free health consultation that follows careful selection of quality health products, i.e. carefully planned nutritional food and supplements, exercise advices, and suggestions for stress relief, although just how much stress a pampered dog can have is debatable!

Their “prestige trimming and grooming spa” focuses on the entire “physical and spiritual condition” (of the dog of course), saying “it is not about beauty only”. They have a wide variety of holistic cares at the spa; aroma massage, ayurveda pack, micro bubble, rock salt bath and mud pack costing anywhere between $150 – $400.

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