Samurai Haircuts: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

Need time to train for your fight with Apollo Creed but are stuck in a cubicle all day long? Try this punching bag keyboard. For those of you too young to understand, that was a Rocky I reference.

Just in time for Veterans’ Day, Baskin Robbins has released camouflaged ice-cream and cones.

Even donkeys need haircare.

If you need a haircut, on the other hand, this samurai barber will cut your hair with his Japanese short sword.

Mt. Dew is testing a Doritos flavored Mt. Dew product called Dewitos. Eww.

If a donkey barber or a samurai barber isn’t your thing, how about a historically accurate ancient Greek or Roman hairstyle? This historical hairdresser is the woman to see.

The nurse will never miss the vein again with this portable device beams a near-infrared light at the arm and deoxygenated haemoglobin in the veins absorbs the infrared light, creating an image of the veins.

An Australian man is banking on his new business: Melt, a gourmet toasted cheese sandwich business. (That’s grilled cheese for us Americans.)

Own a carwash and want to make more profit? Here’s a way to get people to pay to wash the cars for you: Suds Blaster. It’s the game-ification of car washing.

Have a blind dog? This is an angelic way to keep them from getting hurt.

Is there a market for a bicycle with frozen wheels? Probably not, but I’ve been wrong before.

This belt won’t just hold up your pants, it will also get you where you need to go – if your destination is within scootering distance. Won’t your pants fall down on the ride?

These wooden sticks will make your cheap whiskey taste better.

And finally, two guys from Australia have started a non profit to drive around the urban center of Brisbane, find the homeless, and wash their clothes and bedding.

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