Goldfish Tea Bags: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

Fantasy sports hedge funds, are coming soon.

From China: China International Pet Show opens in Beijing

This cardboard battery is like a vitamin for your smart phone.

A high profile backer wants to make breast pumps better.

Coffee and wine are both products that are sold in a cup in this coffee shop/wine bar.

Retro weddings are a new trend.

Most bread can only remove your hunger, but this loaf can also keep the darkness at bay.

What does one billionaire get the other billionaire on his Christmas list?

Alfred: A butler for the 99%.

The perfect pair of jeans? They don’t exist. But one startup wants to try to build them.

Will hipsters buy eyeglasses from retail stores? This correspondent says “Meh.”.

One goldfish, or two? How do you take your tea?

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