It’s going to get easier to get good dinner reservations without being a celebrity. Scalping dinner reservations is now a thing.

Free college, and a paycheck: The Apprenticeship 2000 provides a degree, paycheck, benefits and a guaranteed job.

Paging Jerry Maguire: Now computer programmers have agents.

How Star Wars Conquered the Universe: In 1973, a young filmmaker named George Lucas scribbled some notes for a far-fetched space-fantasy epic. Some forty years and $37 billion later, Star Wars–related products outnumber human beings, a growing stormtrooper army spans the globe, and “Jediism” has become a religion in its own right. Lucas’s creation has grown into far more than a cinematic classic; it is, quite simply, one of the most lucrative, influential, and interactive franchises of all time.

The world’s most extreme commute: sheep butchers flip flop between jobs in Iceland and New Zealand.

Predicting which music will be popular is big business.

In one week it’s Thanksgiving in the United States. Someone should open a burger chain that sells this Thanksgiving burger year round.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that football is dangerous. Magnets might change that, and allow the game (and the business) of football to continue.

Goodbye server farms, and oil furnaces. Soon, someone will put their server in your basement, and it’ll heat your home and water. (Unless you live in California. We don’t have basements.)

Eating alone: four-course meals for the solo dinner.

One day care center has discovered a great way to promote themselves: they’re auctioning off a vasectomy.

Chernobyl tourism: “Until 2011, numerous tour companies were running illicit trips into the wasteland — a study cited by that same Telegraph article suggested that as many as 10,000 tourists were visiting the site each year. Since then, Chernobyl tourism has been met with official government approval.”

From Japan: a toast restaurant where you get to choose your own toaster.

What do you get when you cross billiards and soccer? Snook Ball. Video below.