Does NYC need another flower delivery company? These guys hope so.

This salon is selling an experience, not a wash and a blow dry.

Who spends the most on a daily basis? Hispanics, it seems.

This chair is designed to be uncomfortable.

California is on the verge of an egg shortage. Someone must have interviewed my hens, because they’ve decided to stop laying this winter. But this article is really about the new legal requirements for commercial egg producers in California.

Now you can hire a Personal Healthcare Assistant (PHA) who will anticipate your needs and coordinate your care.

Holiday shopping? Consider the most economically efficient gift of all: cash, and avoid the deadweight loss of Christmas.

Looking for terrorism insurance? Good luck with that.

In Brazil, there are more cows than humans. A new startup wants to connect the dots between each of those 200 million cattle, the ranchers who own them, global companies that buy the beef, and consumers who want to know where their filet mignon came from.

In Oakland, California there’s a cafe with cats on the menu.

This startup wants to bring sunlight indoors and make you healthier.

An 8th grader with a pilot’s license in Texas has started his own airline: People and Pets Dog Airlines, a pet transportation service, carried out by his single engine plane.

This restaurant offers discounts based on your weight. Fat males and thin females get discounts?