St. Patrick’s Day Edition

This is why house prices are so high in California and so low in Texas.

Niche biz: The rise of luxury toilet paper.

I love stuff like this: The Salesman’s Guide to Manipulating Your Friends.

Uh oh. I’m sure there’s a bizop here: Why America fell out of love with golf.

Another new niche: Cord-cutting trend creates new profession.

Climate change is a huge business opportunity: How market forces are winning the climate change battle.

Is Apple Watch a good business opportunity?. Short answer: yes.

I’ve noticed that my phone is ringing more. This is why: Move Over, Email — the Business Phone Call Is Back.

What does it take to start a niche zoo? Not much. Slithering to success: Kilkenny reptile zoo hosts 30,000 a year.

Niche: business opportunities in derrieres.

Helicopter Operators See Drones as a Business Opportunity. So does everyone else.

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