Picking a name for your startup is incredibly difficult. The difficulty, as it turns out, turns out to be too high for some, and these companies end up with absolutely awful names.

10. Doostang

What do you think this company does? Does it sounds like it has something to do with that thing everyone does in the privacy of their own bathrooms? Well, it has nothing to do with that at all. It’s a job board.

9. Dogpile

Speaking of things that are done in private by human beings, how about this startup name, which sounds like something you don’t want to step in. What do they do? They’re a search engine aggregator.

8. ipipi.com

It’s not that our minds are in the gutter! It’s that these startup names are just so horribly ill-conceived, like this one, which sounds like “I Pee Pee”… Of course they have nothing to do with bathrooms. You can pay them to send text messages from your computer, though.

7. Chubbies

This is a business that sells colorful shorts for man. Would you have guessed that? Perhaps you thought it had something to do with that side of the Internet that’s only traveled to in “private browsing” mode…


6. Lawdingo

This company name, at the very least, provides some clue as to what the company does – they connect users with lawyers for advice. However, it sounds like those lawyers are being hounded by a particularly nasty critter from Australia.

5. Profilactic

Why anyone would want to name their company after contraception is beyond us, particularly considering that this company has absolutely nothing to do with sexual health. They provide a service that pulls all of your social media profiles into one place.

4. Morninghead

If you’re going to pay Morninghead a visit, then you should definitely visit Profilactic beforehand… Yes, the people behind Morninghead know what they’re name means. If you don’t, then a visit to Urban Dictionary will clear things up for you.

3. Xobni

Now, how on earth do you pronounce this one? The answer is “zob knee.” If you’re quick with anagrams, you might’ve figured this one out: it’s the word “inbox” spelled backwards. They provide a service that provides analytics for your email accounts.

2. Foodler

You may use this service if you live in an urban area – they allow you to get delivery food through the Internet. That doesn’t change the fact that their company name sounds like the worst comic book villain of all time.

1. Fashism

This one is a mixed metaphor. Fashism was a service that allowed people to post pictures of their outfits to get votes on whether or not they’re any good. Voting was, of course, quite antithetical to the idea of fascism…

Take Your Time

Are you working on a name for your startup? Well, avoid the mistakes that these businesses made and take your time! It’s probably best that your company’s name not recall various bodily functions, be a mixed metaphor, or otherwise be too difficult to pronounce!