Top Accounting Apps for Small Businesses Owners

You started your small business to make money. While accounting is a vital part of the money-making process, it shouldn’t consume so much of your time that it takes you away from your other duties as a business owner. That’s why you should give some serious thought to letting one of today’s top-performing small business accounting apps do it for you.


Browse our list of accounting apps see which one would best fit your specific needs as a small business owner.

QuickBooks Online

Apart from helping you create and manage sales and expenses and apply sales tax, Quickbooks Online enables you to track payments through multiple options including automated online banking, creating estimates and entering and managing bills. In addition, Quickbooks works across multiple platforms including web and mobile. Starting at less than $10 a month, you choose and pay for only the features you need.


Nutcache accounting app offers one of the most inclusive set of free features in invoicing and time management apps on the web. You can send invoices and estimates, and track your time for free, and your account will never expire. And for just $14 a month, Nutcache’s PRO version offers advanced features, more goodies and priority support.

Commerce Sync

The Commerce Sync accounting app automates the transfer of sales information, including taxable and non-taxable income tips, discounts, sales tax and refunds into any QuickBooks or Xero account. Commerce Sync is available to business owners that use either of its channel partners, Stripe or Clover, for accepting payments. After a free, 30-day trial, you can get started for just $9 a month.


FreeAgent is a cloud-based accounting app that is especially designed for freelancers with multiple clients and projects. Unlike many accounting software products that limit transactions unless you purchase a more expensive package, FreeAgent offers unlimited users, clients, invoices, expenses and other functions for a monthly price of $24. It also has a project management feature to help you keep track of billable hours.


FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software service designed for owners of the types of small client-service businesses that send invoices to clients and get paid for their time and expertise. FreshBooks customers spend less time on paperwork, freeing up to two days per month to focus on the work they love. Try it free for 30 days. Paid packages start at $9.95 a month.



SageOne software manages accounting, ERP, HR, payroll, payments, assets, construction and real estate. Their solutions travel with you or stay where you want them — in the cloud, on-premises or both — giving you the freedom to work where you need. SageOne eliminates the unnecessary steps that trip people up. The basic version is free, while for just $5 a month, you can get the premium upgrade.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an intuitive accounting software designed for small businesses to manage their finances and to stay on top of their cash flow. Stay connected to your business, no matter where you are. Send out quotes, track time for projects and also get business critical insights on the dashboard of your iOS, Android or Windows device. Try it free for 14 days, and pay just $24 a month after that.

Sellsy Invoicing

Sellsy is an all-in-one solution for sales management: CRM pipelines, invoicing, time tracking, help desk, ERP, POS and much more convenient features. By integrating features generally scattered among several softwares, online or off, Sellsy allows its users to be more productive. Sellsy has simple pricing that fits the needs of your small business, based on the options you choose, and grows right along with it.

FinancialForce Accounting

FinancialForce Accounting offers a slew of features such as a single UI for your CRM and accounting needs, role-based 360 degree views, real-time reporting and multi-dimensional business analysis to help you focus on your business while automating critical parts of the operation. At the accounting app’s core is an innovative accounting engine that can accommodate the most diverse or complex enterprise requirements.